Taking Moments To Myself During The Summer #MomentsToSavor

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With summer in full swing, life is hectic. Between softball, festivals, traveling, and other fun things, it can be busy. That’s why I take every opportunity to relax when I can. There are several things I like to do, and I’m sharing them with you today to give you some ideas.

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First, of course, is staying refreshed and hydrated. Thanks to Tradewinds slow brewed iced tea I can do this. I have always been an iced tea lover from the time I was a teen, and Tradewinds is my favorite brand. I love that you can purchase Tradewinds in either 18.5 oz bottles or gallon sizes. I like to keep the gallon size in my refrigerator at all times so I am always prepared when I get to take time out for myself, or even when family and friends are gathered in my home. They have a great variety of flavors including unsweet, sweet, raspberry, hint of lemon, and green tea with honey. You can see all of their flavors here.Tradewinds Tea -05Enjoying time outside. I try to get in as much of the sun as I can, especially since this is my favorite time of year. Whether it’s with a good book, rocking on my rocker or swinging on our porch swing, I love being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Watching my favorite movies. It is so nice to be able to put on whatever movie I want and watching it from start to end with no interruptions. It is something I don’t get to do often, but when I do I completely savor the moment.
Tradewinds Tea -03These are just a few of the ways I savor the moments I get to myself. Whether you are enjoying Tradewinds slow brewed iced tea, enjoying the weather or watching your favorite movie, share below how you savor the moments you get to yourself in the comments.

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38 thoughts on “Taking Moments To Myself During The Summer #MomentsToSavor

  • Looks delicious!

  • I’ll have to check for this at my store. Sounds great.

  • I love your post. I have never tried Tradewinds Tea but it sounds wonderful.

  • I just like time to gather my thoughts and relax. There’s too much noise.

  • Judging by the ice cubes, it looks like we both have the same table top ice cube maker.

  • Iced tea is good. I usually drink ice water all day. Zero fat and very thirst quenching.

  • I’ve looked for this brand. I guess the store that I shop at doesn’t carry it. That being said, I’m sure it’s good. Every time I find a product that I like, I have to go to a different grocery store.

  • I like iced tea flavored with lemon and sugar. I’m not crazy about sweet or peach iced tea.

  • Yum! Sweet Tea! For someone raised and living in New England, I love it way more than I should! LOL I’ve never tried TradeWinds. I’ll have to pick some up next time I’m out.

  • A nice summer deck with iced tea and a snack. Nothing better.

  • I’ll have to check for this at my store. Sounds great. Summer and iced tea….a great combination!

  • I love sweet iced tea. I will have to try Tradewinds. It has been hard to stay hydrated this summer!

  • I love sweet iced tea. I will have to try Tradewinds. This summer has been the worst at staying hydrated!

  • I love Ice Tea

  • Summer can be such a busy time. it is nice to take a few moments and relax.

  • I’ll keep this in mind, though I usually keep 3/4-gallon of tea in my fridge at all times that I brew myself.

  • I have had and enjoyed this brand before.

  • I enjoy working crossword puzzles. Especially those from the newspaper weekend edition. It keeps my mind sharp. Okay, maybe not. I just enjoy a puzzle that makes me think.

  • I`ve tried tradewinds, didn`t care for it, I`ll stick to my Arizona brand.

  • Everyone needs time for themselves.Just to sit back and unwind.

  • I can’t sit outside and and eat. There are too many flies. I do like iced tea. I haven’t tried this brand.

  • I love the Tradewinds Tea Brand. I like both the Greentea version and the unsweetened one.

  • Fruit and tea is a great combo! Thanks for sharing.

  • I love iced tea in the summer. It’s very refreshing. I haven’t tried this brand yet.

  • Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

  • I have never heard of this before, I checked and they don’t sell it anywhere near me.:(

  • Tea goes with anything but I love the fruit salad you’re enjoying!

  • I don’t think I’ve every seen Tradewinds but will look for it in the store. I love unsweetened tea or tea with honey. Thanks for information!

  • The only way to drink tea is sweetened!

  • I have never tried Tradewinds but with your words I’m thinking I may b missing out on something good. I will kp an eye open

  • I have never heard of Tradewinds brand before. I will have to check this refreshing drink out. I also love to read and enjoy a little fresh air. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Never heard of this product!

  • I love sweet tea and have seen this tea in the store but haven’t ever purchased it. I’ll check it out next time I’m shoppping.

  • Great summer fruits and a glass of iced tea is perfect!

  • I’m so thirsty now, I want to try this, I’m especially keen on the raspberry!! I keep saying I’m going to make ice tea from scratch, I’ve had everything out for days, and never get to it! I want to get it ready made!

  • I too have been an iced tea lover since I was a teenager! I don’t recall trying the Tradewinds brand. I buy the Lipton Iced Tea Cold Brew brand & make gallons of my own iced tea. I will have to keep this tea in mind when we are invited to our next BBQ & are asked to help bring the drinks!

  • I like Tradewinds tea 🙂

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