October 2019 Howl-O-Ween Hop – Win a $15 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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It’s Free At LastThe Kids Did It and The Mommy Island are VERY EXCITED to share this great opportunity with YOU! 

***The Giveaway**

1 winner will receive $15 Amazon!

Giveaway is open to Worldwide Residents, ages 18+ years of age (limited to one entrant per household).

The giveaway ends 10/22/19.

Simply follow the Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win. Be sure to return tomorrow to complete the daily entries! Good luck!

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  1. Shirley Emitt says

    I would put it in on a new ipad.

  2. Sheila Simmons says

    It would go for the purchase of a new comforter.

  3. I would use it on a dog gift.

  4. Jamie Lentz says

    I could use it for cooking supplies

  5. Jamie Lentz says

    I could get books and a treat for my dog

  6. This little nutmeg grater I have had on my wish list for a while.

  7. Elizabeth Miller says

    My husband just broke a really nice fishing pole he just got on a trip this weekend. I would use this towards getting him another one for his birthday in November.

  8. Jeanna Massman says

    I would buy something special for my grandson.

  9. Judy Thomas says

    I think I would buy a Stephen King book.

  10. I would get new gloves.

  11. Legos

  12. Thank you for the site and giveaways

  13. Debarshi Das says

    This is an awesome giveaway and I would use this to buy Thomas and friends and Garth Brooks. Thank you and I hope I win. 🙂

  14. Christy Leonard says

    I would buy books for my daughter

  15. Sarah Hayes says

    Id use this GC for books!

  16. I would put it toward an air mattress that is on my son’s Christmas list.

  17. Michelle Tucker says

    I’d purchase some items for crafting. I’d like to get started on making handmade Holiday Cards.

  18. Stephanie Liske says

    I would get something sexy.

  19. I have sooo many books on my wishlist, so I would use it to buy a book.

  20. Jennifer Hedger says

    it would go towards my childrens chrismas gifts

  21. I’ll put it towards an Instant Pot.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. golden storm says

    i would use it towards christmas

  23. Alexandra Y says

    I would buy diapers.

  24. I would use it for a Christmas present.

  25. I would get a Christmas picture book for my children.

  26. I would save it to buy a Christmas gift.

  27. Antoinette M says

    I would purchase picture frames.

  28. I’m never sure what I’d buy until the time comes…probably some books for me and my sweet hubby. Thanks and God Bless!

  29. Probably not a book this time but a nice scented body wash as I’m very low.

  30. Laurie Nykaza says

    I would buy some gluten free foods for my son to enjoy .

  31. Shoes to walk I like new balance or hoka one one anything with good support is great for me.

  32. I would put it towards a new book.

  33. Sarah Semeniuk says

    I would purchase some wool dryer balls. I’ve been wanting to try them out

  34. A birthday gift for one of my friends.

  35. Tami Vollenweider says

    I would give it to my daughter in law to use for my grand kids!

  36. I would buy books. Thanks for the chance.

  37. Lauren Becker says

    I think I’d put it toward some Christmas gifts.

  38. Linda Walker says

    I would put it towards Christmas presents.

  39. Deb Pelletier says

    maybe Halloween lights.

  40. Donna D Newman says

    I would get a Christmas present for my great niece.

  41. James Coyne says

    I would probably buy a book

  42. Juanita May says

    Christmas gifts for my grandchildren.

  43. I would buy some books for my grandsons

  44. Laura DeLaRosa says

    I would put it toward buying a printer.

  45. jeanette h sheets says

    applying it towards buying my son a new coat for christmas

  46. I would put it towards a baby monitor.

  47. I would probably use it toward something for my son’s camera for Christmas.

  48. If I won I would spend the money on vinyl for my cricuit machine.

  49. I would put towards a clock I have been looking at for my new house.

  50. Susan Smith says

    I would buy a book.

  51. Holly Thomas says

    Christmas is coming up pretty quickly!! This would definitely be used or saved for something for Christmas.

  52. household items

  53. I would add it toward my wish list that a KitchenAid stand mixer tops.

  54. Julie Lundstrom says

    I would buy some gifts for the Holidays.

  55. Melissa Moreau says

    I would buy a washer and dryer. or a down payment for a much needed car

  56. Susan Christy says

    I”m trying to get enough Amazon credit to buy an exercise bike with desk.

  57. kelsey vinson says

    I’ve been ordering stuff for my sister who is over a year sober, just had a baby & got her daughter back. She just got her first apartment since rehab.

  58. Jenny Scheldberg says

    I’d probably get some warm cozy socks now that it’s getting so cold.

  59. Heather Kaufman says

    I would buy gloves for my kids.

  60. Debbie Petch says

    Sounds weird but I really need pliers!

  61. Debra Guillen says

    I’d buy books if I won.

  62. I think I would either buy a book, or some new pillowcases.

  63. I would buy myself a new book!

  64. Carol Graves says

    Dog food and treats

  65. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would buy some treats for my dogs.

  66. Beth Minyard says

    I would probably buy some makeup that I have been eyeing!

  67. Rebecca Orr says

    I would put this towards Christmas gifts this year.

  68. I would use it for Christmas gifts.

  69. Rajee Pandi says

    some books

  70. I’m waiting on saving for Christmas!! Thanks!!

  71. Rachel Clarke says

    I would use it towards curtains for my dining room.

  72. I am saving up for my daughters christmas!!!

  73. I have Amazon set up with subscriptions for baby supplies – wipes & diapers & diaper genie refills – so it would likely go towards those non-stop purchases lol

  74. I would purchase some books for holiday gifts.

  75. Mary Gardner says

    I would purchase new gloves.

  76. Dan Dykstra says

    I would put the money toward a new pair of dress shoes.

  77. Julie Matek says

    I would purchase more dryer balls:)

  78. I would buy a book or two if I won!

  79. Tracie Cooper says

    I would buy a birthday gift for my hubby!

  80. Books, as always!

  81. maybe some caramel apple supplies

  82. Julie Waldron says

    I would put it towards a bookshelf for our living room.

  83. Vicki Wurgler says

    I would buy some hair products

  84. I would purchase craft supplies.

  85. I would use towards some school supplies.

  86. I would get some cute office accessories.

  87. bernie wallace says

    I would purchase Donald Duck books if I won.

  88. Rochelle Haynes says

    I would buy some body wash

  89. I’d put it towards Christmas gifts. Probably books.

  90. Jennylyn Gross says

    save towards Christmas gifts

  91. I would buy Dutch process cocoa powder.

  92. I would save it up for the holidays and get a few gifts 🙂

  93. Would a good book or two

  94. LYNN CLAYTON says

    stalking stuffers

  95. I would put it toward buying a new couch cover.

  96. If I was so lucky I would put it up for Christmas. It gets more and more expensive every year.

  97. Jennifer Rote says

    I would buy some drill bits.

  98. Nina McClain says

    I’m not sure. probably some groceries!

  99. Darlene Carbajal says

    I’d buy something for my niece! Not sure what though.

  100. Mood Reader says

    Christmas gifts! Lol

  101. debarshi das says

    i hope I win this awesome giveaway and I would use this to buy Thomas and friends and garth brooks. I’m looking forward to it. thank you. 🙂

  102. Robin Abrams says

    I would buy hats and gloves for my grand kids

  103. Suzannah Clark says

    I would do some Christmas shopping

  104. Lisa Ann Painter says

    I would buy Kindle books.

  105. Amber Kolb says

    I’m saving up for some new ASIC sneakers! They are so comfortable! Thank you!

  106. beth shepherd says

    I would buy a new halter for my horse. Thank you

  107. books. thanks

  108. kelly nicholson says

    What would you purchase if you won?

    i need a new mouse,and not for some pet snake…lol

  109. I would put it towards candy for Halloween.

  110. Debra Branigan says

    I would likely buy a picture book for my grandson.

  111. I would get new shoes for grandson to wear to school.

  112. i would buy books or a simple toy for the baby

  113. Tiffany Schmidt says

    To buy the things waiting in my cart!

  114. Stephanie Jones says

    i would buy books

  115. Cathy French says

    I would put this towards gifts for the upcoming holiday season

  116. jeremy mclaughlin says

    Would put toward christmas gifts.

  117. I am looking to buy a new clock for my living room wall!

  118. Erin Ellis says

    I would buy some books for my girls.

  119. Shelly Dixon says

    I’d buy the Downton Abbey movie on DVD

  120. I’d put it toward a new shirt.

  121. some light fixtures

  122. Ipad charger….getting old and drains a lot now 🙁

  123. Dee Parker says

    I would put it toward my quarterly order of English tea.

  124. I’d buy a new phone case

  125. I’d treat myself to a book!

  126. Karen Giasson says

    I think that I would start on my Christmas shopping.

  127. I’d get a new book!

  128. I would but something for my newest grand daughter who is set to arrive next Monday.

  129. Melissa Storms says

    I would buy a good essential oil to replenish my collection. I use them in a diffuser to scent my home.

  130. If I won, I would put the money toward holiday gifts.

  131. Peggy Nunn says

    I would start Christmas shopping with the money.

  132. If I won, there’s a couple of books I’d like to put this towards.

  133. Clarissa Hiciano says

    I would purchase a costume for myself. I like to dress up with my children when we go trick or treating

  134. I would buy a new book by Colleen Hoover – Regretting You. 🙂
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! <3

  135. Holly Thomas says

    i would buy cat toys.

  136. Megan Parsons says

    I would buy something for my kids for Christmas

  137. Would probably get books from my wishlist. 🙂

  138. books

  139. most likely something to go towards christmas

  140. Lauren Peterson says

    I’d probably get some dog treats for my fur kids.

  141. I would buy my vitamins I have to take everyday.

  142. Tabitha Ritchie says

    Wooohoooo! Can’t wait!

  143. LYNN CLAYTON says


  144. Ashley Chassereau Parks says

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would put it toward Christmas gifts. I love shopping on Amazon for Christmas!

  145. i would probably purchase printer ink since it is so expensive 🙂

  146. Kim Henrichs says

    I would love to get a cookbook on my wish list!

  147. I would use it towards Christmas presents if I won.

  148. Jeanette Jackson says

    I would buy a new PC game

  149. I think I’d buy a spooky movie or book for halloween.

  150. I would buy some books.

  151. I will buy something from my never-ending TBR list.

  152. This would go towards a comforter for my son. Thank you

  153. Ann Fantom says

    If I won, I would buy wireless earbuds

  154. rebecca snodgrass says

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  155. wendy hutton says

    I would use this towards some pet supplies

  156. NICOLE MARTIN says

    I would put it toward Christmas presents!

  157. Thanks for the giveaway; I would get a spooky book. 🙂

  158. Sherry Compton says

    I have been looking at some new boots.

  159. Elizabeth Tarlow says

    I would buy more cat food!

  160. Robin M Blankenship says

    There are a couple books I have been wanting.

  161. I would get some new books

  162. I would get some skincare products.

  163. Sandy Klocinski says

    What I buy depends on what is at the top of my want list at the moment. I need frost protection for some plants and also fertilizer and I am redecorating my living room but priorities change moment by moment!

  164. Lisa Williams says

    I would purchase a good book or a fun dvd to watch.

  165. shelly peterson says

    I would use this for Christmas shopping.

  166. Francine Anchondo says

    Not sure what I would get yet.

  167. Michelle Ayers says

    I’d probably buy some books!

  168. I’d probably use it for Christmas presents.

  169. I would put the money towards Christmas gifts

  170. I’d probably use the money towards Christmas gifts for my friends and family 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  171. I would use it towards Christmas gifts!

  172. Mary Cloud says

    I would use it for Christmas shopping for my kids

  173. I would get some clothes for the kids

  174. I would buy some new running socks if I won!

  175. I’d put it towards Christmas presents for the kids.

  176. I’d get some ebooks.

  177. Alisa Jenkins says

    I would grab something off my wish list if I won.

  178. If I won I would use this towards a Christmas present. It will be here before you know it!

  179. Karley Moore says

    I would buy myself some new comfy pajamas. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  180. Shanna Lowder says

    If I won, it would go towards buying Christmas gifts for my daughter.

  181. I would put this toward a set of books for my daughter for Christmas. She loves Anne of Green Gables and some other classics and there is a beautiful set of hardbacks I’d like to buy for her.

  182. I would buy a movie.

  183. I would purchase some candy for the upcoming holiday season.

  184. I would put towards Christmas gifts for my kids!

  185. I’d love to purchase some Halloween lights to put on my porch.

  186. Angelica Dimeo says

    Christmas gifts for my kids

  187. holiday gifts for my family.

  188. I would buy handwriting workbooks for my daughter.

  189. I would put this towards a few of the books that I have been wanting to read.

  190. I would buy books.

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