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Online Scams Everyone Falls For

Do you remember your first time online? A new world of exciting possibilities opened to your eyes and while you were probably lured by entertainment topics, or coming online pushed by the need to retrieve information for home, office or school, chances are that you have also have been attracted by one of the many online scams everyone falls for even if only just out of curiosity.

Get Money to Pay Your Bills

Usually all of us need money sometime in life, and these promising ads come to us exactly at the right moment when this happens, just as if they had the power to guess how critical our finances are at a given time. If you have ever clicked on such ads, you will find that the solutions is payday loans, which are short term loans that only who works (and lives in the USA) can borrow. While this is not a scam, but a costly solution due to their high interest rates, the scam comes from sharks that ask you for a commission to provide you with a list of payday loan lenders but make you believe they will lend you the money themselves.

Winners and Losers

Suddenly you are presented with a banner that congratulates you for being a winner, or you find it out when visiting a site that redirects you to another with the look and feel of popular websites such as Facebook or Google. When the “lucky” notices are a banner, chances are that you were misled to click. The only winner here is the advertiser that advertisers in the manner. However when the page redirects you, chances are that you can lose your identity if the page was crafted to steal your personal information.

Your Loved One Has Passed Away

You never heard of this person, but you suddenly have an uncle anywhere in the world and he left all his money (millions of dollars) to you. Sometimes it is nobody in your family but a millionaire in need to send you money, or many, many other schemes of the so-called Nigerian scam that usually arrives via email to make you send money rather than receiving any.

Home-Based Job and Other Scams Perhaps among the oldest scams found on the web, are online jobs where the goal is getting sending you money are just around the corner such as stuffing envelops and similar activities. Other scams include chain letters, MLM opportunities, phishing websites or emails trying to get into your financial information and many more that you must be careful so you do not fall for the scam.

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