Origami Owl Personalized Locket Necklace #Review

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I have to admit, I love the thoughts of personalized jewelry for myself as well as for gifts for others.  I have admired Origami Owl for a couple of years now and had the amazing chance to review a personal locket of my very own, thanks to Origami Owl rep, Irene Maschinot.  


Earlier in May, I shared with you an amazing giveaway for Origami Owl Jewelry, hosted by Irene and it was a huge hit! Many of my friends own Origami Owl jewelry and rave about how you can personalize and add special charms to your locket.  The best part is the charms can be changed out and you can wear different ones for any occasion, including holidays, birthdays, religious events and many more.

For my choice I jewelry, I selected:

  • Classic Ball Chain
  • Medium Silver Living Locket
  • 4 Charms including Silver Vintage Cross, Vintage Silver “K” Initial, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Ribbon & February Round Birthston
  • Also a Rose/Gold Faith Backplate


Irene was kind enough to add a “Blog” charm in my locket and I LOVE IT!





I wear this locket nearly everyday and absolutely love it.  It is a great conversation starter and many have asked about my locket.  I always refer them to  Irene Maschinot Independent Jewelry Designer with Origami Owl.  I plan to order more charms for myself, as well as another necklace for my teenager who wants one of her own.  Adding charms to your locket are great ways to share stories, journey’s, milestones and more with everyone, as well as remember memories of your own.  


Be sure to stay connected with  Irene Maschinot Independent Jewelry Designer with Origami Owl:

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55 thoughts on “Origami Owl Personalized Locket Necklace #Review

  • These are so wonderful to give as gifts. The charms are just lovely.

  • I think these are so beautiful. I love how you can express yourself through your jewelry. I think this would make an excellent gift for my daughters. I also love the selection of charms!

  • This is really pretty and since you can choose which charms you want, it is a really personal necklace. I have my mom’s gold charm bracelet that has a bunch of different charms on it that have different Alaska designs and gold nuggets.

  • Oh my Goodness I really love the wings and the personal ones with the initials 🙂 Just beautiful

  • Oh very pretty! They have nice charms!

  • i love it. Very classy and personalization is a plus.

  • This is a great present for any stage of life for women and girls.

  • I have seen these Origami Owl jewelry pieces around for awhile and I love them, I need to keep them in mind when I need a gift

  • These are all so nice. They are really beautiful and so personalized. They would also make a great gift.

  • I would have too say it is a great personalized gift too give someone special . Quite unique piece of jewelry too own also

  • It’s a fun wear to wear your memories.

  • I like the pictures you took it captures what the company does so great. I like the personalization and how no two piecess seem to be the same.

  • I love the Oraigami Owl personalized necklace.The charms that you
    picked are really so cute.

  • I love that you can personalize and add special charms to your own locket, and that the charms can be changed out for any occasion! I would love to add a vacation memory and special family tokens to mine. I like your selection and the faith charm! Now I know what all the fuss is about! I like Origami Owl too!

  • I just commented but do not see my comment.

  • I think these charm necklaces are so neat!! Like you said, the charms can be added just because you like the charm or for specific happenings. Either way the charms make the necklace a special piece of jewelry that can hold much sentimental value.

  • Very cute. Love that it can be personalized. It would make a great gify.

  • I love how customizable this jewelry is!

  • I love that you can customize these. so pretty

  • I really like these, I just wish this brand wasn’t so expensive by the time you were done, kwim?

  • I love these. I love being able to customize my jewelry, and these are so cool. I love your note about how they are a conversation piece. I know I would ask someone to explain their choices. Such fun.

  • These are great since they are personalized presents. Thank you for your review.

  • The lockets are awesome, I definitely want one for myself.

  • I like the “Life is a gift” Charm you chose. Very sweet.

  • I like how uniques these are.

    I made a parragraph comment and it keeps coming up intenal serber error.

  • I love the retro and unique look of these pieces. Each seems to be original and not massed produced looking.

  • This is such a gorgeous necklace. I love it so much.

  • I think their products are sweet and enchanting for personalization .

  • This is such a wonderful gift because you get to personalize it any way that you want, which means a lot to whomever you are giving it to. I would love to own one!!

  • I love personalized jewelry. Like you said it tells a story of life’s journeys. I’m a cancer survivor so I’d love to have the ribbon and I’m a Christian so I like the Faith background. I just love your necklace, it’s so pretty 🙂

  • I really love the personalized locket! It is wonderful when you get jewelry that you can personalize and add your own charms to – either for yourself or as a gift. It certainly gives more meaning and is sentimental! Love your photos, too!

  • This would definitely go with my wife’s Origami Owl necklace!

  • Origami Owl is very popular around here. I love that the jewelry has such sentimental meaning for each person who wears it.

  • I would like to have this locket myself. Being personalized makes the piece more personal & more treasured…I love this locket!

  • Its cute but not really my style.

  • This is a really cool idea. This company has a great selection with which you can personalize your design. Would love to have my own living locket collection. 🙂

  • i love this. so classy but simple. great for gifts! <3 it!

  • I love the different colored metals and the fact that these necklaces can be personalized.

  • I love the idea of these necklaces. I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet but don’t wear bracelets often. This is a much more practical to make an individual piece of jewelry with a unique story.

  • Those are cute. I’m surprised that I like it because it’s outside of my normal jewelry preferences.

  • I love how cute and meaningful your locket is!

  • I absolutely just love this Origami Owl Personalized Locket Necklace! I am definitely going to be getting everyone in my family one for Christmas:) Awesome review!!

  • I have an Origami Owl Necklace and I love it! The Charms that I can get in this necklace is so pretty and these necklaces can be personalized and worn and kept for years to come.

  • I have an Origami Owl locket, I love it! I always get positive comments whenever I wear it!

  • I’m not particular in my jewelry. I am very simple.

  • These are really nice. Thank you for your review.

  • I just love these and I have wanted one for quite a while. I’m thinking I should get myself one for my birthday.

  • I’ve seen this brand before and they make the cutest things!

  • I love the Origami owl jewelry and have entered contests to win a piece. I’ve been unsuccessful in those attempts, but I will keep trying.

  • Never heard of it before but when I saw your post it is absolutely beautiful

  • Beautiful! Love the choices you selected! So many I would love to have as well! 🙂

  • Absolutely beautiful! So many designs I would love to have myself! 🙂

  • i like their charms. These make such personal gifts.

  • I love that this is so personable, and looks sophisticated!

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