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My family has always had a pet in the house, both cats and dogs. For decades even extended members have had cats in the family. To say that we are a cat family could be an understatement of sorts.

As cats age, monitoring their health is more important to assure that they are happy, healthy and around for a very long time. There are hundreds of products on the market that can help with this, but one of the best ones around, by far is PrettyLitter.
What is PrettyLitter you ask? Well let me give you a little bit more detail on what it is, how it works and why you should use it today for your cat(s).

PrettyLitter is an innovative, subscription-based health-monitoring cat litter that changes colors when it detects issues with your cat’s health. It saves cats lives! In addition it’s dust-free, lightweight, feline-safe and has better odor control than any litter on the market. It’s the best cat litter ever created.

Each month, you can conveniently have PrettyLitter delivered right to your door. The instructions are right on the bag – 1 bag-1 month-1 cat! To get started you simply visit PrettyLitter online, choose the number of household cats you have, await your supply of PrettyLitter to arrive and, based upon the number of cats you have, fill your litter box with one 4-pound bag of PrettyLitter per cat.

Unlike regular cat litter, PrettyLitter absorbs and eliminates moisture, which means you don’t have to keep filling up their box with fresh litter.

How does it help, you ask? PrettyLitter makes it much easier to detect potential health hazards with your cat. With the crystal clear color, it helps show cats urine color changes that may be a sign of health problems like UTI’s, kidney acidosis and more.

I wish I knew about PrettyLitter when my baby boy, Griffey, was around years ago. Although I cannot surmise it would have prolonged his life, it might have helped me detect his kidney problems earlier and give him ease sooner. Don’t let another moment go by. Get PrettyLitter for your cat(s) today and give yourself peace of mind knowing this is one more way you can show them you love them, but proactively monitoring their health.

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  1. This would be helpful in my household as my cats age. I have 2 cats, one that is 10 and the other 12.

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