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One of my favorite things to do to relax is hitting the beach, but I am always looking for something to protect my skin while I am enjoying the ocean and sad. Skinsuit will do the trick and I will feel confident that my skin will be protected.

As our world constantly changes, so does the impact on our skin. From blue light to UV radiation and more, skin needs more protection than ever.

This revolutionary breakthrough beauty product takes on what the environment is putting out there. Whether protecting from pollution and harmful UV rays to reducing the damage from long-term exposure to blue light from computers and cellphones, our faces need a new armor and SkinSuit™ is here to help.

In ONE simple step, SkinSuit™ takes on an onslaught of what surrounds us both indoor and outdoors while being weightless, great for all skin types, color correcting to hide small imperfections  and offering mineral protection from the sun without the harsh, hard to rub in lotion effect.

SkinSuit™ comes from the makers of Skin Authority, a company committed to unleashing the self confidence that comes from feeling great. Created by Celeste Hilling, Skin Authority is launching the next frontier of beauty protection with SkinSuit™. This innovative company also has patented two way technology for one on one personalized skin care advice. Skin Authority is committed to sustainability and also to giving back through their TOUCH Transform mission.

This revolutionary product is amazing for both indoor and outdoor aggressors as it protects against heat exposure and sharply elevated body heat — both induce photo aging, loss of elasticity and collagen. In addition, the amazing product is a superior moisturizer, provides sun protection, color correction AND protects against blue light, pollution, UV radiation and more!

Definitely ideal for using on travels!

A ground-breaking new category of prevention care designed to keep skin looking healthy, fit, and fabulous, SkinSuit™ features:

  • Protection from elements such as UV radiation,

pollution, blue light, infrared and heat activity due to activities such as exercise.

  • Amazing hydration for the skin and lips.
  • Guards  from all indoor and outdoor environmental aggressors all in one.
  • Color corrects the skin to hide small imperfections.
  • Antioxidant enhancing, coated mineral active shields.
  • Applies weightless and sheer while providing amazing protection.
  • Keeps skin looking healthy, fit, and fabulous.
  • SPF 50.
  • Reef safe.
  • Free from parabens, no added dyes, no added perfumes, no microbeeds and cruelty free / no animal testing.
  • Great for all skin types.
  • Goes on smoothly while feeling fabulous.

SkinSuit™ goes beyond its amazing sun protection and color correction to also tackle current hardships on skin, including:

1.Blue Light

In 2010, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology published clinical data that blue light contributes to photo-aging, including wrinkles, worsening skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation more than comparable levels of UVA rays. With Americans averaging 11 hours a day in front of a screen and 97% of millennials averaging 223 minutes a day,  this leads to long term exposure.

2.  Pollution

Ninety-two percent of people around the world live in cities that do not comply with WHO air quality standards. Urban dust contains a cocktail of 224 toxic chemicals – from hydrocarbons to pesticides and heavy metals. Cigarette smoke consists of over 6,000 chemicals which are small enough to infiltrate skin.

3. Infrared and Activity Induced Heat (high intensity working out)

Recent studies demonstrate that IR, heat exposure and sharply elevated body heat each induces photoaging, loss of elasticity and collagen.

Available for face and also lips, SkinSuit™ is changing the skin care game with a whole new way to protect from outside aggressors. Are you ready to “suit” up?

$59 for SkinSuit™ Face

$24 for SkinSuit™ Lips

Skinsuit is available for purchase through Skin Authority’s website

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  1. Randy Clendenin says

    All of those “dark brown tanned skin beauties”, well as it turns out, they didn’t fair out so well! The “C” word is one that nobody wants to hear-but if you don’t keep it covered w/either lotion or clothing, you have a real chance of skin cancer. Don’t use the lower “SPF’s” as they’ll not do the job. Have fun, thanks! Take care, “God Bless”, sincerely Randy.

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