7 Healthy Edible Gifts For The Foodies In Your Life

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Food is love. Food is life. We all either know a foodie or, are ourselves, a foodie. But, sometimes a love of food can be hard to navigate; especially, when it comes to finding treats that are both healthy and taste good. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of 7 healthy edible gifts that are great to give and receive.

  1. Homemade (healthy) Spreads

While spreads like Nutella or peanut butterare undeniably delicious, the jury is out on their health factor (for certain brands at least). So, why not give a homemade alternative a try?

Whether you’re paleo, vegan or gluten-free, there are a range of recipes that are designed to suit everyone’s dietary needs. Try, for example, this paleo hazelnut spread or coconut cashew butter, for something different.

  1. DIY Infused Oils

 Who doesn’t enjoy a little DIY? Add some fun and flair to your regular bottle of olive oil. This idea is not only cute but makes an incredibly easy gift. Five minutes is all you need to prepare this little delight.

All you need is 2 cups of your preferred oil and whatever herbs or flavors you want to infuse. You can customize your own unique flavor or stick to something simple like rosemary and garlic.  Bottle up your creation in an old jar or container with a cute custom label and this gift is good to go.

  1. Flavored Salts

 A good foodie friend is definitely worth their salt. So, why not let them know this by preparing them a delicious flavored salt they can use to enhance any meal. Not only is this gift quick and simple to make but also it’s quite versatile. You can really go to town with the flavors you want to create.

For those who love a bit of spice, you can add some chili and paprika. Otherwise, to bring new life to your salt, you can throw in some lime-zest and ginger. Depending on your friend’s interests, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Honey Gift Sets From Waxing Kara

This one is for the more decadent luxurious foodie in your life. Featured in the New York Times, this assorted honey gift set from Waxing Kara is the perfect sweet treat for anyone lucky enough to receive. This assorted mix comes with a variety of unique flavors such as wildflower and Florida Orange Blossom, just to name a few. Not only this, but each jar is raw, pure and Kosher, which makes this set great for special events such as Rosh Hashanah.


  1. Ready To Go Hot Cocoa Jars

 Perfect for those cool winter nights, you can create some pre-packaged hot chocolate jars. In a jar, combine all the ingredients you need for this cozy beverage, topped with some tiny marshmallows or chocolate chips for a cute touch. After all, a little chocolate is good for the soul.

  1.  Homemade Granola

Not only does homemade granola keep well but it’s easy to make in large batches. This means that this idea would be perfect for parties or events where you need gifts to a number of people. Stored in a mason jar, your granola can include a variety of nuts, berries and spices. If you’re looking for a delicious recipe to test out, then we suggest trying this paleo granola.

  1. Personalized Hampers

 Know a foodie with particularly eclectic taste buds? Well, perhaps a personalized hamper will do the trick. Here’s where you can get creative; collect a variety of your friend’s favorite fruits, tapenades, jams and have fun with your arrangement.

So, what are you waiting for? With these tasty gifts, we’re sure you’ll have foodie friends for life.


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    These are great ideas. The Honey Gift Sets From Waxing Kara sound really nice!

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