Quickest Way to Apply for a Medical Loan During an Emergency

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Harnessing financial planning with a medical emergency in the family could be tricky, especially if we assume that the medical insurance will suffice. Medical loans can come in handy in such situations. With companies like MoneyTap, who have tie-ups with banks for providing credits, one can avail a medical emergency loan within no time and thereby reduce the financial risk in the matters of health.

The increasing number of urban Indians complain of exorbitant medical bills that arise for the most basic checkups or routine medical visits. Each time you have a medical bill to pay, medical insurance might not always be the go-to option due to lengthy procedures involved in claims. Medical loans can act as a back-up plan when insurance alone won’t meet your requirements.

So, what is the easiest way around to apply for a medical loan during any family health emergency?

Step1- Who can provide?

If you look up for options online, you will find a number of them, like MoneyTap for example, which provide consumer-centric options for various kinds of personal loans including the medical loan. Not only are these credit providers available online, but they are also available in the form of an app, which makes it very easy for loan seekers to explore.

Step2- Getting Started

Once you have shortlisted the best option that suits your requirements, you can easily register yourself onto their website by filling in the basic details like your name, date of birth, gender and contact information. Some of the credit providers also ask for your employment and financial details. This is mainly to do with analysing your credit standing as far as the repayment is concerned. The other options to apply are over the phone by requesting a callback, via a virtual assistant or you could even visit a branch in some cases. Many of these agencies or companies can also arrange for loan assistance to visit your home for a quick brief and further processing.

Step3- Documentation

Gone are the days when documentation arrangement used to be a stressful deal especially if it was for any kind of loan. With ID and address proofs being the only requirements, now you can easily ensure the availability of documentation to process your medical loan further. Being consumer friendly is the key for these credit providers. Hence you don’t have to go through the hassle of arranging numerous documents as long as you are able to provide valid and genuine proofs.

Step4- Immediate Disbursal

Once the documentation part is complete, you can expect a quick disbursal. It can take as little as real-time or up to 24 hours to get your loan in order to meet your monetary requirements during medical emergencies. Once your loan account has been credited, you can use the amount completely or in parts. The withdrawal options are very flexible with medical emergency loans, so you can pay multiple bills as they arise over a period of time.

Awareness of the quickest ways and options available can also prove to be of great help when an emergency really arises. After all, when it comes to the family’s health, responding well to the crisis is what we can ensure via medical loans.


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