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Some schools are going to resume very soon and that means fresh supplies of paper, crayons and more. While stores have great savings on supplies and other items this time of year, I love being able to capitalize on the deals and save event more.

I have always found that a great source of savings information and promo codes is the Savings Guarantee from SR_SavingsGuarantee_Blogger_BTSWhile racking up the savings during back-to-school shopping is great, I personally use year round and love the benefits beyond just finding a great coupon to print or download. has launched a new program called “Savings Guarantee”. This helps people shop with confidence knowing that they’re getting the best online coupon code during Back to School and beyond. With the Savings Guarantee, you can rest assured that you are getting great online savings codes that help you in other ways. This is extremely beneficial when shopping online and trust that you are getting the best deal and code possible, saving the hassle of site-hopping.

Here’s how it works: if a shopper finds a coupon code that doesn’t have,  then will reward the shopper $25. But wait, it gets even better!! During the month of July, is upping the reward to $50! Think of the rewards you could get?!?!
SR_SavingsGuarantee_BloggerAs with all price-matching or price guarantee offers, there are a few exclusions to the Savings Guarantee. These types of coupon codes do not qualify:

  • Codes that are exclusive to another website.
  • Codes that provides the same discount as one that is already listed.
  • Personal referral codes or a one-time use code.
  • Non-code offers such as grocery coupons, in-store coupons, or discounts embedded in a link.

When you are making online travel plans and find codes, or planning your back-to-school shopping spree, be sure to share any codes that may not be on and score double the reward value (valid 7/1-7/31/16). Shop confidently with the Savings Guarantee!

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  • ” I love saving money and every penny counts. I dont use a smartphone so this is kind of not going o work for me but I will tell friends who do.”

  • I love saving money and every penny counts. I dont use a smartphone so this is kind of not going o work fo me but Iwill tell friends who do.

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