Shop And Sleep: How To Pick Your Mattress Type For Quality Sleep

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At first thought, sleeping could come across as an unimportant activity – but without it, one could risk their mental and physical health, resulting in obesity, diabetes, and even coronary heart stroke. With this, it’s essential to maintain an eight-hour sleep schedule every night – and what better way than with a quality bed.

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However, if your bed no longer has the power to grant you quality sleep, it’s time to buy a new one. You can discover all you need to learn about mattress types, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, read below, shop for your mattress, and sleep to your heart’s content:


With spring in its name, you can expect the innerspring bed to be made of steel coils. You can expect this bed to be made with a foam topper to add more padding and cushion to the bed. Not only this, as there are also multiple spring classes to choose from – with their support and comfort different from each other.


Since there are different compositions for the spring system, you can choose your firmness levels when you get innerspring. Not only this, as you obtain this durable mattress for a great price as well – since these are available at a wide range of costs. Overall, the durable innerspring gives you various firmness at different prices, all without a sinking quicksand feeling.


Every bed type always has its to offer, so it’s best to know them before making your final choice. With the innerspring, you get poor motion isolation compared to the foam beds. If you’re a sleeper who is easily disturbed at the tiniest movement, you may want to look into other types. With this, you could look up the best mattresses to make your search faster if you wish.

Memory Foam

Memory foam beds are made from polyurethane foam, which means you get a denser mattress. Likewise, the bed’s inner matrix promotes a free movement of air, making the bed more breathable than the innerspring.


Memory foam beds are great with responsiveness, making the sleeper feel comfortable and cushioned without any sinking. Likewise, this bed conforms to your body and distributes your weight evenly, making it perfect for side sleepers. Overall, if the innerspring mattress offers firmness in broad ranges, the memory foam has its comfort to bring to the table.


If you’re a hot sleeper, it’s better to get other bed types as the memory foam can also trap heat, making your rest uncomfortable and unpleasant. Likewise, the cushioning of the memory may feel suffocating for heavier sleepers. You could also experience sagging problems with the memory foam if not cared for properly over time.


Latex and memory foam have similarities because of their foam compositions. However, the latex has its upper hand if you want a natural and environment-friendly bed. Likewise, the latex will feel extra comfy since it has the perfect comfort and relief system balance.


Like the memory foam, the latex has excellent airflow as well – so you could say goodbye to sweaty nights. Likewise, this bed best fits sleepers who want to ease the pain off sensitive areas like the shoulders and hips. Not only this, as latex beds are also allergen-free because they’re made from natural materials.


Although latex comes from natural materials, it can also release an initial odor that can be harmful to some sleepers. Likewise, latex beds can also come at a higher price than other mattress types – since quality materials will mean higher prices.


Hybrid beds are composed of layers made from different materials such as innerspring and foam. Here, you can expect a supportive feature from innerspring mattresses and a cushion from the foam. Thus, you can get this bed if you’re looking for a great blend of the two.


Those who get the hybrid are combo sleepers who have different needs to be addressed during the night. Because of the innerspring support, sleepers will have no problem with back support. The same goes when one switches to side sleeping, as there is always a contouring feeling from the foam.


If you want to buy the hybrid, you may pay a higher price than the other mattress types. Likewise, moving this bed on your own will be more complicated since it’s heavier due to all of its layers. So, when you have the hybrid, you may want to look for help if your bed is in another room.

Air bed

Although air beds are famous for backpacking or camping, they offer easy solutions to your bed problems. Likewise, they’re a convenient option if you’re on a budget or the other mattress types aren’t working well with you.


The best feature air beds offer is their customizable firmness. With these beds, you can quickly pump in air to fit your preferences, which can be convenient and easy. You could even choose to have different levels of firmness per night if you want. Not only this, as air beds also come at a lower price when compared to the hybrid and latex.


When you get the air bed, you could get to experience the bothersome and loud air pump. If you can’t tolerate its noise, it’s best to get another bed. Likewise, pumping can also take time. So, if you don’t have the luxury to wait, the air bed isn’t the right match for you.


Shopping is easy, especially if you have this guide to direct you. Likewise, sleeping will also become more manageable, especially since you’ve learned your preferences and your mattress’ qualities. With this, getting eight hours of sleep will be attainable. Thus, get on shopping and, ultimately, sleeping as well.



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