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Mosquitos seek me out every time I head outside, I could be out there less than 5 minutes and I have been bitten several times. The next few days I am miserable with the itching that comes along with the bites but not anymore. With BuzzPatch Itch Relief Patches I can put that all behind me and actually enjoy being outside. I can also throw on one of the repellent patches and keep those little buggers away from me. 

Bug bites are no fun for anyone, especially when you’re enjoying a summer trip full of activities. Focus on the fun while BuzzPatch handles the rest. With cute smiley-face designs that serve as mosquito repellent patches, kids enjoy wearing the stickers on outer clothing. Unlike topical sprays which contain DEET or Picaridin, BuzzPatch is not only easy to apply but environment-friendly. A blend of natural Citronella and lavender essential oils on a non-woven fabric are all that’s needed to detract pesky bugs (it smells amazing!).

About Buzzpatch: 

For us parents, we know what mosquito bites mean for our kids. Our poor little ones can’t handle the itch, day or night.

Some kids get it worse than others, developing an allergic reaction to the bite that causes the area to swell up and is really, really uncomfortable.

Some kids even develop a fear of going outside, just to avoid getting bitten!

BuzzPatch uses the most effective, but safe, essential oil combination designed to confuse mosquitoes and hide your kids from their senses.

The BuzzPatch is most effective in the first 8 hours, and continues to be effective for 24-72 hours from opening. Mosquito find us humans by sensing the CO2 being emitted. Buzzpatch scent creates a virtual shield, almost camouflaging your kids from mosquitos. Citronella essential oils, adhesive patches made from medical grade tape.

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