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Get Out and Go With Cool Sunglasses From Sunglass Warehouse

Sunglasses are very important in outdoor activities.  Besides being fashionable, they protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.  Since Sunglass Warehouse offers great choices for under $15 each, you can protect your eyes and still have money left to get out there and go.  Adventure awaits, so leave those over priced brands behind, and pick out some cool shades at Sunglass Warehouse.

About Sunglass Warehouse

Sunglass Warehouse hopes to encourage people to “get out there” and have adventure and participate in activities rather than spend a lot on tangible items such as sunglasses.  You could visit a new country or simply a new restaurant. Whatever you do with your time and money is up to you.

They also believe in making a difference in the world.  Therefore their team is passionate about donating sunglasses to places all around the world.  Through Timmy Global Health they are helping to prevent the development of serious eye conditions.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together.

Mom’s Thoughts

I was able to get 5 pairs of sunglasses for my children and me.  To outfit us all with glasses and three cases, cost less than one pair of some brands.  I would much rather have all my kids’ eyes protected as well as my own, with money left over to go out and play.  Name brands do not mean much to me, but the memories I make with my kids mean the world to me.

Besides I like to be able to leave my glasses in the car or bag without worrying they will get scratched or ruined.  My husband has a name brand pair and he is always stressed out about them getting scratched or lost.  I on the other hand am foot loose and fancy free, left to the more important task of making memories.

Earlier this week, while hanging with the kids at Busch Gardens, I lost a pair of my sunglasses on a ride.  It was okay though since they cost less than a funnel cake at the park.  Really though it was okay, and I didn’t even waste my time getting into a bad mood.  We had so much fun that day, and losing my sunglasses will not even make my list.

Sunglass Warehouse has so many great choices and they are all affordable.  Different styles are available, and you can  even get polarized lenses.  Protect your eyes with these great sunglasses and get out there and go!

What adventure will you go on with your new Sunglass Warehouse shades?

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  1. For years, I had no idea what polarized lenses were. Then I got a pair and I loved them. Then I lost them. Now my only problem is choosing which one to get from Sunglass Warehouse!

  2. I had not been out on this website before but they have many pairs of sunglasses that I would love to own. There are so many different styles at a great price.

  3. gloria patterson says:

    so many great sunglasses at a great price

  4. I love the big selection of sunglasses that they have, and even better the price! I am definitely with you when it comes to sunglasses, I would much rather have cheap pairs that I do not have to worry about!

  5. Julie Waldron says:

    I need a new pair of sunglasses, I’ve had the same pair for at least 4 years. It would be nice to have an extra pair as well.

  6. Very cool sunglasses. I think I need a new pair.

  7. These are great!

  8. I already have a pair of sunglasses, an ok substitute for the ones I lost. But, now, I’m thinking that I could afford to get a few more!

  9. What an affordable way to get stylish sunglasses for everyone in the family.

  10. Very cool sunglasses! Perfect for cooler fall walks.

  11. I can’t believe I’ve never been to their site before now. Thanks for the introduction!

  12. I have my eye on three different pairs! I love their selection.

  13. These glasses look great for walking and driving. Very fashionable.

  14. gloria patterson says:

    love the clear frames with the blue lens

  15. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I like that they donate sunglasses all over the world

  16. What cool shades! I love getting new sunglasses.

  17. I wear sunglasses almost all the time. There are some great selections here!

  18. I’ve been window shopping on their site since I entered the giveaway.

  19. gloria patterson says:

    I could pick out a dozen pair so quick, so many nice glasses at a great price

  20. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love the prices and selection!

  21. I’m finding that I wear sunglasses all the time even in the winter months when the sun is bright and low in the sky. Nice to have several pairs available.

  22. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These sound so nice. What a great selection to choose from. Something for each of us. I will have to check these out. Thank you so much for sharing

  23. Just from the ones you have pictured I can tell I will really like their selections because I liked all the ones in the pictures. Can’t beat the price either…

  24. I love that they have so many styles with polarized lenses! They make it difficult to choose just one pair.

  25. gloria patterson says:

    In case you are one of those people that lose there glasses this would be the perfect place to get them. Stylist and not expensive just for me

  26. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These glasses sound so nice. You have a great selection and they are very affordable. Thank you so much for sharing this site. God Bless

  27. I love polarized lenses. Unfortunately, they’re hard to find in frames that I like.

  28. i love to have the wire and the one on the bottom

  29. Michelle Elizondo says:

    So trendy and nicely made.

  30. I love that their sunglasses are so affordable. Especially since I tend to lose them so easily!

  31. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. I like that they have so many kinds of sunglasses.

  32. Ina Fowler says:

    You all great in these They have a fantastic assortment of frames. I’d choose a polarized pair to protect my eyes for the sun sensitivity caused by my Lupus! Love the fact they also come with great looking cases too.

  33. Love the variety of sunglasses to choose from! I’d adventure around town and run errands with sunglasses from sunglass warehouse.

  34. I love companies that give back. Kudos!

  35. This is a great way for me to always have a pair of sunglasses available. One for the car, backyard, in my coat pocket…..

  36. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I am due for some new sunglasses!

  37. Love the prices and styles here!

  38. Their offerings are affordable and yet they have a large selection to choose from.

  39. Kim Pincombe-Cole says:

    I love that they encourage people to ‘get out there’! And how can you go wrong with so many options?

  40. Dana Rodriguez says:

    They have a lot of great choices!

  41. gloria patterson says:

    I agree name brands just don’t fit my budget. There are a lot of nice glasses I would share this with my nieces

  42. Katie Bellamy says:

    They got some cute sunglasses!

  43. Very nice options!

  44. Michele Ziemann says:

    Now I love these ! And if this is what I can expect to see from these people then I’m in ! I need some for the fall and winter weather! Thank You

  45. monique s says:

    I love sunglasses and so need them all year long with light sensitivity. Great to have lots of pairs for different outfits

  46. belinda bell says:

    I love this sunglasses. I want a pair of them

  47. Heidi Horne says:

    nice sun glasses!!!

  48. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These glasses are so cute. I am in need of a new pair soon. I will have to check these out. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless


  1. […] Sunglass Warehouse has so many great choices and they are all affordable.  Different styles are available, and you can  even get polarized lenses.  They have shades for men and women with styles including but not limited to aviator, round, retro square, polarized, and sport.  Protect your eyes with these great sunglasses and get out there and go!  For more about Sunglass Warehouse check out Misty’s full review here! […]

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