The Technology All Nursing Students Need

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Studying can be exceptionally difficult, time consuming and stressful. This is especially true if you are studying for a healthcare degree, perhaps with a focus on pediatric nurse practitioner specialties. However, further education can also be rewarding and fun. It’s a time to meet new people and share fantastic new experiences. Technology can make the whole process easier and more exciting. Keep reading for a list of technologies that all nursing students need. 

Evernote Journal

The Evernote journal from moleskin is a brilliant mix of traditional and modern. Make notes in your moleskin pad, and have them automatically available on any device with the Evernote app. While studying, you’ll often have ideas when you are on the go, or want to add something to your to do list. This gives you a great way to do it. The app also allows you to add photos and tables.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

Coffee is the key to success for many a student. Late nights, spent either studying or enjoying yourself, on top of a heavy workload can be difficult. A coffee machine is a huge help. Make the most of modern technology and opt for a Bluetooth coffee maker. Not only are they cool, but you can literally turn on the machine from your phone when you’re on your way home. Wireless kettles are another great gadget.

Portable Chargers

Mobile phones are becoming a much bigger part of our lives. We use apps for almost everything, and then there’s taking photos, messaging, and of course actually talking to people on the phone. Portable chargers are a wonderful way of making sure you never run out of battery. No matter where you are or what you are doing. Some great options include the power bar and the charging back pack.


As a nursing student, you’ll probably need several textbooks most days, whether to use in lectures, for studying in the library, or just to read for more knowledge. A Kindle reader can store your books digitally, saving both your wallet and your back.


Keeping fit as a student is incredibly important. While you might not always have time to hit the gym, exercise and staying generally active will help reduce stress, keep you healthy, and boost your mood. A Fitbit is a great device for those who want to keep track of activities, and motivate themselves to move more.

The Best Apps

You’ve already got your smartphone, but it’s not going to help you unless you fill it with the best apps for students. These include:

  • Helps you easily create bibliographies for your assignments.
  • As mentioned earlier, it offers a great way to make notes and lists on the go. It also ensures you have access to them on all your devices.
  • Pinterest. A great place to find information, from help with your coursework to fantastic recipe ideas and money saving tips.
  • Studyblue is a fantastic revision aid, and enables you to build flashcards with relevant information to help you retain knowledge easier.
  • Lecture Capture. An app to record lectures in high quality audio, without the need for expensive equipment.

If you aren’t a nursing student, but are considering it, you may be asking yourself, is it hard to become a pediatric nurse practitioner? While it can be, there are some great reasons to study. Look to Maryville University for just a few reasons. The technology described above can certainly make studying a lot easier.

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