The Hide & Seek Game That’ll Make The Whole Family Laugh– at Poop

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Kids love anything to do with Poo, so this great Hide and Seek game will be a great addition to their fun! 

Hide & seek has never been sillier! Introducing Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek, by What Do You Meme? a singing and talking toy named Silly Poopy, who makes any hide & seek game hilariously entertaining. Kids everywhere will be singing “YIPPEE! YOOPEE! YOU FOUND SILLY POOPY!”

Created for ages 3+ but silly adults can get in on the fun too!

About What Do You Meme?:

You may have noticed that What Do You Meme?® is both the name of our first game and the name of our company.

That’s because it all started with our first breakout hit, What Do You Meme?®, in 2016 — which quickly became Amazon’s #1 best-selling game. Today, our name is still What Do You Meme?®, but our lineup has multiplied — and that means tons more fun for you.

We’re Here to Help You Shake Up Game Night

What Do You Meme?® is a new-age game company. What does that mean? We’re driven by the digital age and inspired by pop culture. Our games are designed to bring the internet-style, shareable humor that makes you laugh out loud from your phone to your living room.

What Does That Have to Do with Memes?

One definition says that memes are to culture as DNA is to life (pause for mind blowing sound effect). Memes are a moment in time captured by a funny, relatable combo of words and pictures. Memes bring us together to laugh at the ridiculous — and ridiculously relatable. Now Let’s play some games!

 GETTING STARTED Flip the switch on the back of SILLY POOPY to the ON position. Players select who is going to hide SILLY POOPY first. Let’s call that person the “Hider”. HIDING SILLY POOPY: The Hider hides SILLY POOPY and presses the “SILLY POOPY” button. The Hider lets all of the other players know that they can start looking for SILLY POOPY. NOTE: We really suggest that the Hider move far away from the hiding spot before telling the other players to start looking for SILLY POOPY! FINDING SILLY POOPY All players (except the Hider) begin looking for SILLY POOPY. SILLY POOPY will say quick random phrases and make funny noises to give clues to help find him. The first player to find SILLY POOPY is the winner!

Press SILLY POOPY’S button to hear the “Yippee, Yoo pee” reward song! NOTE: Have fun dancing and singing along! It’s really a catchy tune! The player who found SILLY POOPY is now the Hider for the next round! When play is finished, we suggest flipping the switch to the OFF position.

  • TIME TO GET SILLY WITH WHAT DO YOU MEME? — Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek is the first KIDS TOY from the #1 bestselling party game company. You could say we know a *bit* about having fun, and now we’re bringing the laughs to ages 3+ (but silly adults are welcome to play too).
  • WHAT IS SILLY POOPY — Silly Poopy is a plastic rainbow hide and seek toy who sings, talks, and lights up when you find him.
  • HOW TO PLAY — It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just HIDE Silly Poopy, LOOK for Silly Poopy, and FIND Silly Poopy to hear the special song that makes you want to dance!
  • GETTING STARTED — Once you flip the ON switch on the back of Silly Poopy, the players pick one person to hide Silly Poopy first (let’s call that person the “hider”). Once the “hider” finds a hiding spot for Silly Poopy, they press the Silly Poopy button and get ready to play hide & seek — with some hysterical farting clues! Once the other players find Silly Poopy, they press the button again and get ready to DANCE your poopy socks off!
  • WHAT’S INSIDE — 1 rainbow-colored Silly Poopy Toy, 2 AA Batteries, and instructions (no stinky smells included).
You can purchase Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek on Amazon. 
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  • Wow, what will they think of next!? Sounds like a fun game that my kids would love.

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