Tips For Choosing CBD Oil For Pets

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When shopping for health products, sometimes it gets hard to choose the right one as they are all advertised to be good.

They are all packaged in the best way possible to attract customers. Still, you have to choose the right one to ensure that your pet gets maximum benefit.

This is particularly true for CBD oils since they come in different types having different properties. Thus you should know a thing or two on how to pick the best. Here are some tips:

  • Do your research

To find out more about what you intend to purchase you must first conduct thorough research on the topic. Only seek the necessary knowledge from credible sources such as health magazines and articles written by scholarly institutions.

The information should be backed up by facts and not just public views. You can also consult those who have used the oils before and find out how it worked out for them.

If you don’t know anyone, just visit websites dealing with CBD products and go through the reviews given by previous customers. This is a good way to find out the effects that it has on animals. You can also visit this web link for more information.

  • Is your pet allergic to any substance?

Some of the products are not purely 100% cannabis extracts. They contain additives, some of which your pet might be allergic to.

Thus it is very important that you read the ingredients that it is made of before you settle for it. This information is usually provided on the label found on the bottle or container.

If by any chance you don’t know whether your pet has any allergies and you proceed to use the supplement then an allergic reaction occurs, carry the product with you as you go to the vet.

  • Price

When it comes to the price, go for what you can afford so that once it is finished you can easily buy another one.

The results are better when the supplement is used regularly. Making purchases that strain your budget will only allow you to buy it once or twice after which you will stop using it on them.

That being said, don’t buy poor quality goods because they are cheap. Ensure that the product is of high quality and will be beneficial.

  • The recommended use

As mentioned earlier, the oils have different properties hence have various uses. Some are good for therapy while others are suitable for diet supplementation and so on.

Therefore, you should check the intended use for the particular product that you are buying and use it for just that. It is also important that you strictly administer the recommended dosage and adhere to other instructions given.

Avoid increasing the dosage as it won’t produce results any faster but will just be wastage and might also end up causing harm. You can do so only if instructed by your vet. See this link to read more about the use of CBD products on pets

  • Check the potency

The most popular compound found in the oil is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Its concentration is highly regulated as it can cause undesired effects when consumed in excess.

It can cause mild to severe hallucinations, addiction, and even brain damage. Pets addicted to it might become aggressive when forced to go without it or have mood swings. It is because of this that it is regulated by state and country governments.

The average legal concentration is about 0.3%. The amounts of other cannabinoids should also be balanced.

  • Check the period of use

Some take longer than others to achieve results hence depending on how fast you want results you can make your choice. The ones that take a short time should not be used for further than stated as they can be toxic. It is better to go for those that work slowly as they are much safer.

  • Go for those that have been tested by third-parties

The product has to undergo a lab test to determine the chemical composition among other factors.

The results of the test are written down in a document known as the certificate of analysis. Where the report is missing, the oil is more likely to be counterfeit.

Furthermore, a safety study should be conducted to determine whether it is safe for public use or not. All these should be carried out by qualified personnel. Click here to see more tips.


It takes more than choosing the right health-store to get the best CBD oil for your pet. You have to consider the attributes of the product and whether it suits your needs. Finding out its pros and cons also goes a long way in ensuring that you make the right decision.

Therefore, you ought to talk to qualified people with vast knowledge about animals who can advise you accordingly. Your pet’s vet is particularly very important.

Ask them what they think about your decision to administer the oils to your pet and the brands that they would recommend. These few tips should help you pick the right one.

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