Tips To Help You Keep Your Dog Safe & Healthy

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Owning a dog is a big responsibility. It takes proper care and patience to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Think of your pet as part of the family and a living creature that needs to be attended to. Learn what you need to know to provide a clean and stable home for your pet.

If you’re not sure where to start, begin by educating yourself on the basics. Remember that your number one priority is protecting your pet and providing them with simple needs. Avoid overthinking it and making yourself stressed out regarding the situation. See tips to help you keep your dog safe and healthy. 

Use A Leash

It’s good practice to use a leash if you’re taking your dog someplace or walking them in the neighborhood. There are other people and dogs out on the street, and you don’t want to start any trouble. Even if your dog is well-behaved, there are people who are afraid of dogs and appreciate you having yours on a leash. If you’re out on a hike or in the middle of nowhere, it may be a different story. Use your best judgment and when it doubt, have them in your grip.

Avoid the Heat

Be careful with your dog in the heat. They can’t handle the hot weather and will fade fast. It’s dangerous to put them in temperatures where their bodies can’t cool off. If you do go outside in warmer weather, bring lots of water and be ready to depart if you notice your dog constantly panting. Don’t leave them in your car unattended. Vehicles quickly warm up in temperature, and your dog will be very uncomfortable, if not in danger, after a while. It’s best to go for walks when the weather’s nice and cool and for car rides when you can have the air blasting. Always be attentive to your dog’s reactions and get them to safety if they seem overheated.

Have A Crate Handy

It’s smart to have a crate for your pet when you’re first training them. You may also want it for transporting your dog or when you travel. Go online to Pet Crates Direct and shop for various crate sizes and styles. Use the dog size chart to make sure you get the right fit for your pet. The crate is your dog’s safe zone and sleep area when they’re young. They’re useful for when you need to travel in the car or keep them in a particular place in a home. A crate gives your dog a sense of security from the outside world. It’s a great destination for a pet that’s tired or nervous and wants to relax. The space is also beneficial for house training because it teaches your dog not to go where they sleep.

Provide Clean, Fresh Water & Shelter

Owning a pet means you’re willing to care for your dog and give them a proper place to sleep. Make sure before getting a pet that you’re able to provide shelter for them. You should give them a safe space that’s made for them and consistently supply clean, fresh water. Although these seem like common sense requirements, it’s important owners live up to their word and take care of their pet accordingly. Change the water at least daily and keep it in a place that the dog can access at all times undisturbed. Get a bowl solid enough that it’s hard to tip over and spill. Make sure there’s water available for the dog when they wander both inside and outside. It’s okay to remove a puppy’s water a few hours before bed as to avoid accidents in the night.

Bathe Them

Your dog needs to be washed and groomed on a regular basis. Make sure that if you’re washing them at home, you use the right kind of shampoo for pets and rinse your dog off really good. Keep your pet looking and smelling nice, and you’ll have fewer problems with smells and bugs. Only bathe them once a month to avoid their skin becoming dry and itchy. Bring your dog to the groomers if you need assistance with clipping their nails and keeping their fur under control. Use bath time as an opportunity to brush your dog. Choose warm water and lay down a non-slip surface, so they don’t topple over.

Feed them on Schedule

Feed your pet quality dog food that they enjoy eating. There are now organic brands and healthy foods that give your dog the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Most experts recommend you feed your dog twice a day around the same time. Give them food once in the morning and once in the evening. If you have questions, talk to your vet. They look forward to feeding time, so it’s important you deliver the goods at a consistent time each day. If you’ll be gone or out of town, make sure your pet has a safe place to go and is fed on schedule even if you’re not around. You may also check for some healthy supplements needed to your dog

Play with your Pet

It’s important you play with your pet often. Remember why you got your dog in the first place and have fun with them. Use it as a time to de-stress and unwind with your furry friend. Get them plenty of toys to chew and tear apart. Bring them surprises once in a while that are different from their typical routine. Grab their toy and make them work to get it from you. Run around and play hide and seek to stimulate their brain. They’ll be barking and smiling in no time. There are many ways to engage your pet and have them quickly feel excited. It’s a great bonding opportunity and gives your dog a purpose.

Exercise your Dog Regularly

In addition to playing, it’s critical your dog gets regular exercise. Take your pet on runs with you or long walks through the neighborhood. They’ll love the outdoors and blowing off some steam with you. Another idea is to play fetch or chase them around the yard if you’re at home. Your dog needs between thirty minutes and two hours of activity each day. That’s a lot of time. It’s also good practice for you and will ensure you’re both staying compliant with your exercise routine. Running is more fun with a partner anyway. Make sure there’s water along the route for each of you to stay hydrated.

Visit the Vet

It’s important to make annual trips to the vet. Experts say that going at least once a year is healthy for your pet. They’ll be able to confirm that your dog’s in good shape and recommend any shots or procedures. You can ask questions and solidify that you’re doing what’s best for your dog at home. The vet is a great resource for any concerns you have with your pet. It’s also good to have a vet in case of an emergency at a later date. They’ll be there to assist you when you’re unsure what to do.

Supply Clean, Dry Bedding

Be sure your dog has somewhere safe to sleep at night. Provide them with clean, dry bedding that’s comfortable for laying down on. Put their bedding in an area of the home or in their crate, so they understand where to go when they get tired. Having their own place to snuggle will likely prevent them from roaming around the house late at night. They’ll feel warm and protected in their own bed. Put a blanket down if you think your pet needs an additional resting room or is cold.

Manage your Dog

Having a pet means they’re your responsibility. You and your family are in charge of making sure you know where your dog is at all times and having them on a leash when in public. Remember that not everyone enjoys pets and some are allergic to them. Be courteous to other people and their feelings when you’re out walking or bringing your pet places outside of the home. Take it seriously, and you’ll have no problems keeping your pet safe and healthy. Look to others for help or assistance if you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s also a good idea to train your dog, so they behave appropriately around other people and in public.

Promote Socialization

Just like humans, dogs need to socialize with their kind. Make it a point to hit the dog park on occasion or go for walks with your friend and their dog. It’ll teach them how to interact with other animals and not be afraid. Get your dog around other dogs at obedience school and let them learn what it’s like to play and communicate with other furry creatures like themselves. Bring them around other dogs, so they’re less likely to panic when they encounter them on the street.


Owning a pet is fun, but it’s also hard work. Understand that it’s your responsibility to bring them up properly and provide them with what they need. These are tips to help you keep your dog safe and healthy.

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  1. Every dog owner should know this

  2. I had my first pet as an adult but this is a great check list for the kids when you want to hit all the bases of getting started with your first furry friend. I think pet ownership really fosters responsibility in kids

  3. Ashley Chassereau Parks says

    These are great tips! Fresh water and feeding on schedule are super important. I used to feed my shepherd every evening and now, even though she passed months ago, I still walk to the back door to feed her forgetting sometimes.

  4. These are great tips, thank you so much for sharing this for those that are new pet owners! We haven’t had a dog in over 3 years, but we plan on getting a puppy for our family in a couple of months! 🙂

  5. For people who have owned a dog since they were children this review may seem a little common sense but if you’ve never owned a dog or pet these are good to know.

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