Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings In The World 2023

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There are tens of thousands of painters in the world, but there are not many who have left their names in history, and even fewer are world-famous. But for the famous paintings in the world, they are priceless, even priceless treasures. Let’s come Let me share the ranking of the top ten famous paintings in the world. These famous paintings can also be said to be the top ten most expensive paintings in the world. It is estimated that it is difficult to buy even if you have money, because although people can’t sell them, let’s find out together.

Ranking of the world’s top ten famous paintings

  1. Mona Lisa
  2. The Last Supper
  3. Guernica
  4. Starry Night
  5. The Grand Lady
  6. The Girl with the Pearl Earring
  7. The Birth of Venus
  8. The Creation of Adam
  9. The Maiden of Avignon
  10. Sunrise·Impression
  1. Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa“, like Miller’s “The Clock”, is one of the most valuable paintings and enjoys a high reputation in the world.

This 1911 painting of the “Mona Lisa” caused an unusual event. An Italian stole the painting from the Louvre in Paris. When this news was reported, voices lamenting the theft of famous paintings arose not only in France, but also in various parts of the world.

Another title of “Mona Lisa” is “Gioconda the Beautiful”. According to reliable written records, the lady in the painting is a Neapolitan, and it is said that her real name is Cailargini.

  1. The Last Supper

The mural “The Last Supper” is a world-famous painting created by the great Italian Florentine Leonardo da Vinci. It is the representative work of Leonardo da Vinci together with the famous masterpiece “Mona Lisa”. Perhaps it can be said that “The Last Supper” has gained a greater reputation.

This giant painting is depicted on the wall of the Victory Hall at the Convent of Our Lady of Mercy in Milan, Italy. It is 9 meters long and 4.5 meters high. Although there is no certainty about when and what month it was written, it is reliable that it was completed in 1499.

  1. Guernica

Spanish painter Pablo Picasso painting. Picasso’s painting style was relatively realistic, and he later became a representative of Cubism.

This painting was painted by Picasso for the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris World Expo.

4, starry night

The oil painting “Starry Night” (also translated “Starry Brightness >>” was painted when Van Gogh was sober. Compared with “Lady Arles”, the painting style has been greatly improved. It is not that Van Gogh has any new theories. • Still out of a dazed unease and a premonition of its own tragedy.

  1. Grand Lady

When the painting of the Grand Palace Lady was exhibited in Paris, it caused great criticism from the audience. People said that, as a student of Davitt, Ingres went too far and criticized him for “enlarging and shrinking all parts of the human body “.

(The Great Palace Lady is indeed a painting that is easily debated. Even if we look at it today, this beautiful lady with half of her back is shown to us. Her body is indeed somewhat different from ordinary people: it is not our vision Something went wrong, but the painter Ingres has quite a few escapades in this painting.

  1. Girl with a Pearl Earring

In Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vermeer depicts a young girl in a mottled “kimono”-style coat and a blue turban. The girl sits sideways, turns her head slightly and looks back, facing the viewer without distraction. There was eagerness in her flickering eyes, and her lips were slightly opened, as if she was telling something. The black background of the picture sets off the image of the girl, like a bright light in the dark. Another point of interest in this painting is the teardrop-shaped pearl earring worn by the girl on her left ear, which seems to be hidden in the shadow of the girl’s neck, which is the highlight of the whole painting.

  1. Birth of Venus

Botticelli’s “The Birth of Vijos” and another of his works, “Spring” are among his most acclaimed works. Both of these paintings are from the house of Villard Castro of the de’ Medici family. “The Birth of Venus” is 287.5 cm wide and 175 cm wide. It is a large-scale work. It was produced around 1487. This is 10 years after “Spring”, when canvases began to replace woodblock prints.

  1. Creation of Adam

William Blake is an outstanding representative of Romantic painting.

  1. The Maiden of Avignon

1904~1906 was the “pink period” of Picasso’s creative career. His works of this period mainly depict circus characters, although the images are melancholy but not lonely. He painted The Maiden of Avignon, a landmark and famous masterpiece. This huge oil painting not only marked a major turning point in Picasso’s personal art history, but also a revolutionary breakthrough in the history of modern art in both parties, which triggered the birth of the Cubism movement.

There is another truth hidden behind the sentimental title of the masterpiece “The Girl of Avignon”. To complete the work, Picasso actually took inspiration from the prostitutes in a hotel on a dark street in Barcelona: that street is called Avignon

  1. Sunrise·Impression

Among the French Impressionist painters in the late 19th century, there was a young Monet. His oil painting “Sunrise • Impression” was called one of the representative works of the entire Impressionism and others. “Sunrise • Impression” depicts a foggy morning in the port of Le Havre.

The above is the list of top ten famous paintings in the world to share with you. Have you seen the real paintings?

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