Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Perfect Hot Tub Party

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Finally, your new hot tub has arrived, and you’ve finished installing it in the backyard. Taking a dip all by yourself sounds pretty nice and is most welcomed after a rough day at the office, but you might as well invite over some friends and wind down together. Even better, plan a party or a small gathering this weekend and be the talk of the town.

In order to be proclaimed as a legendary party host among your friends, you’re going to need a carefully thought out plan. Follow this guide and find out what it takes to host the perfect hot tub party!

Before we jump into this guide, you should know there are multiple benefits to owning a hot tub. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are custom made, others are even portable. If you just purchased one – or you’re considering it – know that there is more to a hot tub than just relaxation and having fun. It can be therapeutic, improving your cardiovascular health and relieving you of muscular and joint pain. Also, if you have insomnia, it can help you fall asleep easier. Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Spend 20 minutes in the tub as often as possible, and you’ll feel much better.

But today we’re not talking about health benefits, today we are throwing the best party in the neighborhood.

First Things First…

Since the party is going to be soaking fun, you will want to have extra towels available for your guests. There can never be enough towels at a hot tub party so make sure to stockpile them.

People tend to be forgetful when they know they’re going to have a good time so it won’t hurt to have some spare swimming suits lying around.

Most importantly, you want to have your tub in pristine condition and the water clean and clear before your guests arrive. Check if chlorine and bromine are at optimum levels. Your best bet is to shock the water (like you would do with a swimming pool) the day before just to make sure. You should be doing it at least twice a month anyway.

Before you go shopping for drinks and snacks, compile a list of people you’re going to invite. Since this is a hot tub party, you’re going to have to limit the number of guests, or they can take turns and enjoy another source of entertainment in the meantime.

Before The Party

To have a successful hot tub party food and drinks are essential. Now nobody is expecting to be served a gourmet dinner or anything fancy so just go with light snacks and some dessert to top it off.

You could also order food if you have particularly hungry guests. Simple appetizers you can make yourself include bruschettas with mozzarella, cheese spread and crackers, various dips and so on. Just make sure all that cheese doesn’t end up in your tub.

If you’re in a classy mood, go with delicious dark chocolate sweets, topped with walnuts. If your serving tasty cocktails at your party make sure they are consumed far away from the hot tub. Otherwise, limit the drinks to soda and bottled water.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t mix sipping and dipping – dehydration caused by the heat and alcohol is just one of them. This can escalate into dizziness, nausea even people going unconscious. Not to be a party pooper, but save the champagne for later.

Well-designed invitations make the difference between an all-time great event from a forgettable gathering. You can make them as a DIY project and add a personal touch, or you just order them beforehand. If you’re like me, receiving an online invitation increase the chances of it actually being read by 99%. Also, sending invitations online is much easier and less time-consuming, so you should probably do that unless you want to showcase your calligraphy skills.

Just before the guests arrive, you will want to check the temperature of the water. Aim for around 104 degrees Fahrenheit for a nice and relaxing dip. If it’s summertime and you live in a particularly warm area, opt for a cooler tub and lower the temperature down to 90 degrees.

Pick A Theme

This is probably the most fun part of organizing an unforgettable event. Going with a tropical bar theme is probably your safest bet, but is a little bit predictable. Make it a costume party or better yet – grab some pumpkins and a couple of brooms, take out the skeletons from the closet and you got yourself a hot Halloween party. Buy a waterproof Bluetooth speaker if you don’t have one already or get an entire karaoke set so your guests can showcase their vocal prowess.

For additional entertainment, you could provide your friends with some card games, a dart board, if you have one lying around, or even a game of limbo dance, especially if you’re going with the tropical theme.

Bonus tip: If you’re going on a vacation or camping with family and friends, find the best inflatable hot tub and take it with you. These are completely portable options so you can enjoy them practically anywhere. When you want to head back home, just drain them, deflate them and throw them in the trunk of your car.

There you go, the ultimate guide to throwing a sensational event that will surely end up in the hall of fame of hot tub parties. If there is such a thing. Remember to try your best to avoid those tasty cocktails since a nasty hangover won’t be very helpful when you wake up in the morning. You’re better off with freshly squeezed juices because someone is going to have to clean all that mess your guests left behind.


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