How Vin Diesel made me blush and more on his role with “Guardians of the Galaxy” #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent

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A few weeks ago, I shared with you my exciting news that I was heading to LA to screen the upcoming summer BLOCKBUSTER “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  I was in LA for 4 amazing days and attended many events, but the most exciting for me personally was the exclusive screening of the movie and the chance to sit down with some of the stars one-on-one and chat with them about their part in the movie.


After watching the movie in 3D on Friday night, I was really excited for our Saturday morning interviews, most notably, with the one and only Vin Diesel.  I have personally watched every Vin Diesel movie, starting with “Saving Private Ryan” and his voice work in “The Iron Giant”.  Having the unique opportunity to sit down and chat with him about his role as “Groot” in the movie was the dream of a lifetime for me.


After eagerly waiting for him to arrive, the time came and we heard his distinctive voice outside of our conference room.  I quickly wrote down his name on my next notebook page to prepare for the pending Q&A session.  The eager anticipation and excitement had finally come to life as Vin himself sauntered into the room looking fresh and cool in a casual shirt and pants, sporting his sunglasses indoors.

Vin Interview page


Vin & Bloggers

 Photo courtesy of: &

He charismatically walks into the room and shouts “Mommies”, as he know we were a group of mom & dad bloggers there just to talk with him!  The room immediately went into a exciting uproar of applause as he entered.  He was so eager, he devilishly said “I need to do that again” and went out and quickly came back in again shouting “Mommies”.  This time he was entering to a standing round of applause.

Vin Diesel GOTG Event

 Photo courtesy of: &

He then sat down and before he could speak a word, most of the room unanimously commented “WE LOVE GROOT!” referring to his character in the movie.  He responded with “Oh, I love that.” He then looked over and noticed my custom shirt I had made and wore specifically for this day!



He commented, “How did you get that?  How did you get that?  I love, love that you’re wearing that shirt.”  Of course that sparked the giddy girl in me and made me smile and blush. 


Humbled Vin

 Photo courtesy of: &

Immediately, we started talking about his role in the movie and how he thoroughly enjoyed playing Groot.  He noted that, in huge part to his Facebook fan base, he was chosen for the role and humbled to be a part of something he knew was going to be wonderful and amazing.


Noting that he had some great dance movies when he was entering the room, I asked Vin if he worked with the special effects crew to help create some of the notable moves Groot has in the film.  Now it must be noted that as easy as this question sounds, it was a process for me to get out as the flirtatious side of Mr. Diesel made me blush yet again as he would “shimmy and shake” a bit while sitting across from me.  (Again that giddy girl in me came out, I admit it).  When I was finally able to ask the question in full, his response was enlightening and we all learned a unique element he did while recording the voice-overs for Groot.




As the interview came to a close, someone started singing one of the songs from the movie, “Hooked on a Feeling” and without missing a beat, Vin started dancing AND singing his way with all of us into the hallway to take our group photo.  As we were all joining in and singing along, we huddled together for the chance to get close to him and snap a memorable photo.

Vin Dancing


Vin with the bloggers


To make this experience complete, Vin noted how much he loves mommy bloggers by saying, “I love the mommy bloggers. You know mommies are the first super heroes you guys.”

The following Monday, the Guardians of the Galaxy premiered at the Dolby Theater in LA.  All of the stars and creators of the movie were present on the Red Carpet, including Vin Diesel.  See some of the amazing photos taken from the Red Carpet Premiere.


GotG Premiere Cast & Crew

Vin Diesel BW

GotG Premiere Marquee

GotG Vin

Be sure to watch as I publish more interviews and candid moments from my LA experience.


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Disclosure: I was provided with an all-expense paid trip to do this and all Guardians of the Galaxy coverage.




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  • It was so fun watching you try to get that first question out.

  • It was so fun watching you try and get the question out.

  • too cool!!

  • Nice article! Very nice to see Vin Diesel is still pretty humble after all his success!

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  • looks like a fun time and a wonderful movie the kids will want to see too.

  • cool blog and way to meet a super hottie 🙂

  • Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the movies I’m looking forward to seeing this summer. I am a fan of Vin Diesel, too. I didn’t realize he was playing Groot.

  • I haven’t seen this movie, but hope to soon 😉 Maybe you can go into a contract with Vin to sell your shirts! hehe Thanks for the article, jealous here lol 🙂

  • This sounds like such an exciting experience. I have never met anyone famous but I know I would surely not be able to speak. Thanks for sharing.

  • He is a nice person and an excellent actor. It’s sound it was a great interview. Thanks for share.

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  • Who wouldn’t Vin Diesel make blush. 😉

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  • Wow it’s so awesome to learn that a celebrity is such a cool person! Sounds like you had a great time, and a fun story to tell! Thanks for sharing!

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    talk to Vin Diesel.I should keep up more with movies,but my husband
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  • What an awesome interview to do!! Mommy bloggers are great and so is Vin Diesel. Can’t wait to see the movie!!

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  • That’s awesome! You asked him some great questions and also took great photos. I’ll have to check this movie out!

  • How Sweet It Is!!! I’d would have <3'd to be there when Vin Diesel came into the room & showed the Sweet smile of his!!! I'm so a Vin Fan!!!!

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  • Wow what an amazing opportunity, so glad he noticed your shirt 😉

  • I am super duper jealous that you got to meet Vin. I love him the most from “Iron Giant” but I like a lot of his movies. I like his Facebook page and love his inspirational posts. He is a sweet person.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. I’d like to know if Vin Diesel follows a diet plan ( Like South Beach)?

  • That was a fun day! Not a fan but its always fun to meet celebs if they are nice.

  • What a great time you had. It seems Vin Diesel is a down to earth charismatic man. I would have loved that opportunity. I am anticipating this movie even more now, Thanks for sharing this with us

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  • Kristin! This is such a cool experience. Can’t wait to see the rest of your posts from LA!

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  • Cool blog, seems like Vin Diesel is a great person to talk to regarding his movies. Sounds like one I need to make sure we see this week. Thanks.

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