Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet Review

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I recently received the chance to review the new Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet.  This is such an amazing toy.



More about the Vtech InnoTab® 3S Learning Tablet:

  • The InnoTab® 3S features VTech Kid Connect – a ground-breaking communication app that brings families together by allowing kids to be connected with their parents and friends through both tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication – anytime, anywhere
  • The new 3S comes with a rechargeable battery pack with AC adapter and a kid-safe web browser
  • The new InnoTab 3S continues to provide access to VTech’s Learning Lodge™ app store, plus it comes packed with 20 free apps
  • Ages 3-9
  • All for under $100!

Connectivity Changes the Game

Whether at daycare, a neighbor’s house or across the country visiting grandparents, VTech Kid Connect is the fast and easy way to help parents stay connected to their kids when apart – anytime, anywhere. Now, preschoolers as young as three years old can emulate their parents and older siblings, allowing them to feel like they are part of the messaging trend but from a kid-safe, kid-friendly tablet. With the InnoTab 3S kids can send text messages and animated stickers to parents’ smartphones. In return, parents can send text messages and stickers to their child’s InnoTab 3S, opening up an interactive dialogue. Plus, kids can stay connected to their friends and siblings by sending messages safely between two InnoTab 3S tablets. And since all communication is approved by parents, they can rest assured their child is only communicating with people they know and trust, making VTech Kid Connect a true breakthrough in kid-safe family networking.


Kid-Safe Browsing

The kid-safe web browser, allows access to age-appropriate websites vetted by VTech’s educational experts. Parents also have the ability to add additional websites, giving them complete control over what sites their child can access. This parental control feature is password protected to ensure kids can’t add websites without their parents’ permission.


Packed with Content, Value and Creativity

The InnoTab 3S features 4 GB of internal memory (expandable to 32 GB with a micro SD card, sold separately), a D-Pad game control and updated creative camera features. For even more value, a rechargeable battery pack with AC adapter comes bundled with the InnoTab 3S, eliminating the need to buy expensive replacement batteries.  The InnoTab 3S also offers all the features from the Innotab 2S, including a kid-safe Wi-Fi connection, a 2 megapixel 180 degree rotating camera, a 5 inch color touch screen and the Read, Play & Create cartridge and included apps such as the MP3 player and photo album and Wish List Maker. The InnoTab 3S also comes with 20 free apps, including a magical beanstalk growing game; a directional pad game, H2O Go!, that teaches science concepts through an animated drop of water; and a pop-up 3D art studio so kids can explore their creative side. More creativity can be found in the WonderCam app, which lets kids add more than 55 special effects, funny faces and photo frames to their pictures.


Extensive Learning Library at Parents’ Fingertips

The Learning Lodge gives parents and children access to purchase hundreds of engaging, age-appropriate games, videos, e-books and music, endorsed by VTech’s team of educational experts. By the end of the year, the Learning Lodge will expand from its current library of 350 titles to over 600 titles that teach reading, math, social studies, handwriting, science, problem solving, geography and more. Parents can even track their child’s learning progress online. Featured throughout the downloads and software cartridges are popular characters such as Team Umizoomi™, Dora the Explorer™, Thomas & Friends®, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, Jake & the Never Land Pirates™ and Sesame Street®. New titles for 2013 on the Learning Lodge include Monsters University®, Turbo®, Planes®, Doc McStuffins®, Sofia the First® and more.



InnoTab 3S retails at MSRP $99.99 and is recommended for children 3 to 9 years old.


More to Come

Keep an eye out for a value-packed Deluxe Apps Package with Premium Kid Connect, including even more enhanced features, allowing kids and parents to send each other personalized voice messages, photos and drawing, in addition to texts and animated stickers.  The Deluxe Apps Package will also include Movie Maker, a creative animation camera game that lets kids create fun stop-motion animations from snapshots.  The Deluxe Apps Package will be available in the fall for purchase through VTech’s Learning Loge.


This product is really amazing.  It is more than just a toy, it is a learning tool for kids that enable them to learn in a fun, friendly and exciting manner.  Giving your child the ability to have their own tablet that they can play, learn, take pictures and send messages to you via text is such an exciting thing.  You can also browse kid-safe and parental approved websites together for even more fun and educational opportunities.  I would highly recommend the Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet  for anyone with young children.


Be sure to stay connected with Vtech to learn on the latest on InnoTab and many other products they have to offer via Facebook | Twitter | Website
The Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet is available at most major retailers, as well as Amazon.  Get a head start on your holiday shopping and pic up the Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet for the little one(s) in your life today.


Want the chance to win one of your very own?  Be sure to head over HERE for your chance to win the same Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet I received for this review.


Disclosure:  I received the Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet for an honest review.  No compensation was received in exchange for this review.  Regardless, all opinions are all my own.

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86 thoughts on “Vtech InnoTab® 3S Wi-Fi Learning App Tablet Review

  • I like Idea its kid friendly n wifi I can use ABCmouse on it:)

  • I’ve been looking at different tablets for my daughter for Christmas – this is definitely one we’re considering!

  • The InnoTab 3S also comes with 20 free apps, including a magical beanstalk growing game; a directional pad game, H2O Go!, that teaches science concepts which is great when a toy teaches we love to buy them for all the kids in the family

  • My oldest daughter has the InoTab 2, which is NOT WiFi enabled. I would very much enjoy the convenience of the InoTab 3S for her, since it has WiFi and comes preloaded with apps. The 2 only came with a few. :/

  • I like that I would be able to connect with my son through this child oriented tablet. The price is not too bad, either.

  • The Vtech InnoTab would be a great learning tool for my 3 year old twin grandchildren and they can connect with their parents when they want.

  • i like these bc it will help kids learn more

  • This sounds awesome. It sounds like it comes with a lot of features. I never even considered one because I thought you had to buy all the apps to go with it and the price seemed steep as was. Now I wish I had the money to get one for my twin boys. lol

  • This is great. My son had an original Innotab until Daddy accidentally broke it. I know he would love this prize.

  • I think this would be absolutely perfect for my 3 year old wither we are chilling at home or visiting family or even when my husband is deployed. It would be a great way for us all to stay in touch and to keep him out of trouble when he gets on my phone!

  • I would love to get one of these for my son. My daughter has the innotab 2 and the things that frustrated me with hers don’t seem to be an issue with this one.

  • I love that they have age appropriate sites that kids can enjoy.

  • Love that they can take picture and text me! never too early to start. Sounds like a fun way to get my son to “write” his spelling words!!!!!

  • I really like that you mentioned there’s kid safe browsing. That is always my biggest concern even with out toddler.

  • I love all the different apps!

  • This is Amazing that it is under a $100 dollars. my grandson is always playing with my kindle. he plays with it so much he thinks it is his. he is 19 months old and know how to use it, but get a little nervouse because it is not kid friendly. this would be the perfect Christmas gift for him. This will be a great learning tool for him. Thank you for this review

  • I have always liked VTech products anyway, but this seems even better than the others!

  • Great review! I love that it is kid friendly and that it’s a tablet, like my iPad! My kids don’t have to take mine anymore!

  • I like that it is family friendly, interactive and it appears that it will be able to upgrade as new features come out. I would like the fact that the child would be safe doing her “browsing”. It seems quite affordable, in a time where money is so tight. Thank you for participating.

    • I apologize for not doing instagram. Not everyone has the smart phone, android or appliance to be able to utilize that program. I sort of feel inadequate that I am not in a position to afford ths, and thus would be left out of consideration. I have felt this along the way, but this is something I think would enhance my great-grand-daughter’s skills and it feels more of an issue. Just my feelings.

  • can’t believe it is under $100. love that it is kid friendly and has wifi.

  • I love the this the reviews just make me want it even more for my daughter

  • I would love to get this for my grandson. He could learn so much and it would be like playtime to him. I love the fact that we would be able to text each other.

  • This is really neat! My little cousin is in the 1st grade and I think that she and her parents would really benefit from this!

  • I have been wanting to get one of these for my nephew I think he could learn alot from it

  • I love that it’s a toy & a learning tool in one. Also, I am really encouraged to possibly purchase this item because of the safe web browsing option. I love that a child can utilize the web to enhance learning but not be placed in danger doing so.

  • This toy is perfect for any kid to occupy his or her time.

  • I love the fact that there is kid safe browsing. My almost 4 year old likes to click on everything and sometimes that leads to things I don’t want him seeing! It’s nice not having to worry about it all..and can we talk about the 20 free apps!

  • I love that it has kids safe browsing so I don’t have to be over my son every time he uses it

  • My goddaughter would love this! It is hard to help her learn when we are always on the go when she visits… this would give her that opportunity.

  • A really neat affordable way for the little ones (that I will not buy tablets and phones for) to get a taste for all the fun apps bring and interact with siblings and Daddy. Love the tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication ,rechargeable battery (too many of our things take batteries and I cannot keep up!

  • Love that it is capable of tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication ….so would my littler kids that I will not provide phones/tablets for 😉 Sounds like an awesome kid gadget

  • I LOVE everything about this Tablet especially the part where educational experts provide age appropriate websites. I also like that parents have the ability to step in and make changes as needed. I fully support technology that is developed with the goal of adding to our children’s education and learning. Thank you for the chance!

  • I LOVE this… especially he part where their educational experts provide age appropriate websites. I also love that parents have the ability to make changes as needed. FANTASTIC. I fully support technology that is developed to add our children in their education.

  • These are so good for young children to learn things on, would love one for my grandson.

  • my boys have the leappad 2 but this one is great i have to try this one and compare

  • ive been wanting one of these forever, my daughter would love it, plus then my son could use it when hes older!

  • Im thinking this will be a great present for Christmas! I have a two and four year old who love playing learning games on my phone!

  • I love V-Tech items and have used them for years with all of my children. I really like the fact that the child can communicate with the parents through the tablet and that it tracks progress. My husband and I both work so a feature like that is great!! The Apps for it are wonderful learning apps!! Thank you for your review =)

  • Great review I think it is a great way for little ones to learn 🙂

  • i have a couple of vtech products and am very satisfied with them 🙂 would love to add this to the rest 🙂

  • my granddaughter wanted this last year.

  • Loving your review …It’s making me want to buy one if I do not win …. Love that it tracks whats been done …Thank you for the review!!

  • I want to get this for my almost 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas!! I think it is a great price. She would rather learn things than play with a babydoll so that is why this would be great for her. Thanks for the review!!

  • It looks like a really neat educational tool for little ones.

  • I have been buying Vtech products for a very long time,

  • great review. thanks I have a 7 yr old with learning disabilities and this would be awesome

  • Nice review of covering everything. I like that I can track their progress. They can log into wifi and find more activities. It’s educational with lots of apps and has a camera.

  • I love that it has kid safe browsing! This would be perfect for my younger boys!

  • I think this is super. The skills and educational value is amazing and the kids being safe is just the absolute best.

  • We have been looking at this tablet for our Great Niece who is turning three in November, and we want to give this to her for her birthday. Out of all of the kids tablets that we have looked at, this is the one that we like the best. It’s the best of both worlds, where there is already some great apps installed, and you can still put other on there. Some of the others don’t have that capability, what you see is what you get. I also appreciate the security with setting up your own childs’ browsing capabilities. I also love the camera. This really seems like a great tablet. Thanks!!

  • We bought the second generation vtech innotab when it was on sale (I guess to make room for the third generation models) and it was not very fast. I mean, the programs take a long time to load and the touch screen was not very responsive. Camera quality was not that excellent. We do love all the learning programs and fun activity for the kids to do….This was the first kid tablet we’ve ever bought and were disappointed with how it turned out. I hope the 3S will work much better 🙂

  • Great detail you went into. I like the kid safe browsing and the price is very reasonable considering all the features that it has to offer.

  • I didn’t know much about the toy! My little girl mention it is one of the gifts she wants for Christmas!!! I thought she was making up a name lol Now that I’ve read your review I love the product it is a must have. I can track her work progress and it is kid friendly and safe surfing the network!! I can finally have my phone back! #freeatlast #thankyouforsharing

  • I’m excited about the wifi connectivity. My son will be able to play while he is learning.

  • I love that it has a camera and that it can be connected to a mobile or tablet!

  • think this is an overall great product! I have always loved VTech Toys for their education. My son would love this and he would love that it has a camera too!

  • Looks like a really cool learning tool! And even better that it uses rechargeable battery pack!!

  • I loved the original Innotab when my daughter was using it so it’s very exciting to see the next generation. I love it has all the app features and it’s kid surfing safe.

  • Sounds absolutely wonderful! It would be a great help to my 3 year old son’s developmental delays.

  • My niece has the original innotab and i’d love to have this one for my son!!! Such good development and learning programs!!

  • Good for brain development

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  • I love how this s kid friendly and kid safe. I would love my son to have this and I think it would be educational

  • love this because we can make sure oue kids only see the sites we approve of,i can send her stickers which she loves,and she will get a jump start on her learning.she can send me videos of her tap dancing!! i just love everything about this!!

  • I am just so thrilled this comes loaded with twenty free apps! Great review & giveaway, thank you.

  • This sounds like an amazing product to be under $100 I think this would be great for my kids.

  • Wow! I like this. My child can communicate safely and be able to browse the wed safely as well. i’m not that tech savvy and adult versions seem to risky for me. This is a good option

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  • We love vtech at my house. It’s durable too, lasting two kids!

  • sounds awesome

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  • really educational tab for kids of young age keeping safe browser,many apps ,camera,educational games,activities and rechargabale battery that can go anywhere anytime.

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  • After reading the review I am more sure this will help my grandson learn so much more faster.

  • i agree that it would be seems like a a a great product.

  • I have been buying Vtech products for a very long time, I just love that every toy they come out with is a fun learning tool

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    • My daughter would LOVE to be able to send me text messages! I had no idea that the Innotab could do that; how fabulous! Thanks for the great info and the generous giveaway!

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