Ways Play Can Help Children Develop

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What is the most powerful activity that contributes to the overall development of a child? If your first thought is of school or sports, you are partially right. If you thought is of children playing, you are indeed right! Often, children’s play is perceived as an easy, fun, aimless and useless waste of time. The gameplay may seem simple, but it is incredibly complex and for that reason difficult to learn. Playing is the primary way for a child to learn about their world, to understand how things work, to develop new physical, mental and social skills and connections.

How confidence and empathy are built

Boys love superheroes because they identify with them. They want to believe that they are fearless, strong, and that good always defeats evil. And in most cases, superheroes use weapons, swords and super-destructive powers. If you don’t want them to get hurt while playing look for water guns at Funtastic Toy that is perfect for children and parents to play together. Playing games like these serve to develop a sense of heroism, victory and defeat. After all, children compete for who will ultimately be that good superhero, and so they learn how to develop a sense of healthy competitive spirit and fair play.

Role-playing and pretending can develop empathy as well as self-control in children. Through fictional games, children learn how to control their impulses, think symbolically, and view the situation from a different perspective.

Discovering principles of the physical world and their strengths

The game encourages creative thinking and problem-solving. Through play, all children discover the world around them as well as the natural physical and mathematical principles of that world. Learning is an activity we do as children through play, not an activity that happens to us – everyone must be active through their learning.

If we, as parents, join in and show our children how something works, or do it for them, we deprive them of the adventure. Of course, we can help and guide our children, but our primary role as parents should be passive to make the children self-aware. Even if they become frustrated, the lesson still lasts, because children learn to control their emotions so that they can solve their problems on their own. This teaches them both creative thinking and problem-solving, as well as persistence. As children naturally observe, arrange, measure, compare and play with different objects, they enhance basic scientific and mathematical skills.

Improving intellectual capacity

Through play, children learn about concepts, how to group and sort objects, how to understand things and events, and how to solve a problem. The game often involves trial and error, as well as tasks in the form of troubleshooting. Playing requires the child to decide, be active, and make plans to reach the goal. A good example of a game that encourages the development of intellectual abilities is the memory game. Reading books with children can greatly contribute to the development of verbal abilities and will lead them to fall in love with literature.

Building a competent and content future adult

There are several types and forms of games, and the most important feature of a game is the pleasure that is felt during that activity. It is with pleasure that there is a strong impetus for this activity to be repeated. With repetition comes refinement that brings a sense of accomplishment.

Children’s games are an activity by which they meet their basic needs, develop their mental and creative abilities, learn, strengthen their health and socialize. Through play, the child tries to “reconcile” the gap between his capabilities and what he is expected to learn to successfully integrate into the social environment. In the game, children invest all their strength, wit, skill and patience, which are rarely seen in some other activities. This is where the power of the game lies – it makes us more complete and better-rounded persons.

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