What to Expect from a Vacation in Peru

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Planning a vacation to Peru? If so, you may be pondering what to expect from such an exciting new land. Here is what you need to know ahead of your flight.

Prepare for Three Different Climate Zones

Once you have investigated various all inclusive Peru vacation packages and selected one that suits your needs, you will then need to think about what and how to pack for your getaway. Did you know that Peru is home to a total of three different climate zones? They include a desert coastal strip which sees mild winters and temperate summers, an Andean highlands zone known for its cooler temperatures, and the Amazonian rainforest which is generally humid and hot throughout the seasons. 

The majority of those who travel to Peru will be making their way to Machu Picchu at some point or another. If this applies to you, you have likely been told to pack summer clothing. Don’t forget to take a cozy jacket along as temperatures have been known to plummet with minimal notice! Sturdy, comfortable hiking boots are also recommended.

A Foodie Paradise

Those with a lust for all things food will have plenty of new flavors and dishes to explore in Peru. The most famous of all is probably ceviche, which is essentially raw fish that has been thinly sliced, or cut into chunks, and marinated in lemon juice. The tangy taste will drive your taste buds wild.

Luckily, ceviche is not the only Peruvian dish to add to your list of must-haves. Other foodie favorites include:

  • Causa: a cold potato casserole filled with healthy fats in the form of avocado pieces.
  • Lomo saltado: a healthy and hearty stir fry meal comprised of delicious ingredients including, tomatoes, beef, and onions. It is usually served over rice, but can also be served over fried potatoes in some regions.
  • Aji de gallina: this vibrantly colored dish is a creamy chicken stew with a kick. It is traditionally made with condensed milk, a generous sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese, and bread.

If you dare, you can also give cuy a try. But beware — the barbecued delicacy consists of guinea pig which is often served whole, head and all. Definitely not vegan or vegetarian-friendly. Only order it if you have a strong stomach and you have a penchant for the taste of game.

Exploring Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru and is a definite highlight of your trip. The bustling city is home to around 30 million locals, so you can be sure that it’s chockfull of culture no matter which direction you turn. Considering the fact that Lima is especially large, you might be wondering where to go and what to see. You can’t go wrong with a visit to the picturesque Miraflores district, best known for its glistening beaches lined with craggy rocks, as well as its interactive museums.

Now that you know what to expect, you can start anticipating your great adventure. There is no doubt that Peru will become a regular vacation destination for your family going forward.


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