What You Need Before Bringing Your New Dog Home

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Whether you are rescuing an adult dog who is badly in need of a second chance, or about to bring home a cute new puppy to join the family, getting a new dog is an exciting time for all concerned, but it is best to be prepared to avoid upset or confusion.

Remember, your new dog will be eager to please but won’t automatically know what’s expected of them, so careful planning can really help both of you settle into a new routine.


Of course, this does not apply to all dogs, but certain breeds can be more susceptible to the cold weather than others. If you do live in a cold climate, then make sure that you consider your dog’s native climate and make appropriate plans. This also applies for dogs like huskies who can benefit from cooling coats and mats to combat the heat in the warmer months.


Not all dog owners want their fur babies to have access to all areas of the house. As well as reinforcement training, it is sensible to install gates to the areas you would like to be off limits. Remember, your new pup won’t initially know that you don’t like muddy paw prints going all the way up the stairs.


Beds must be size appropriate and allow your dog to stretch out and be comfortable. However, if you are bringing a new puppy home, be aware that they do tend to chew beds, so it is best to be frugal with the sort of bed you buy until they are past this stage.


Again, your dog’s collar should be size appropriate and for puppies you should make sure there is room for them to grow. Make sure you check the fit of the collar regularly to allow for growth or weight gain. You should be easily able to place two fingers beneath the collar if it is loose enough. For small puppies with delicate necks, you may want to consider getting a harness as a safe alternative.


Make sure you know a good reputable vet like the vets in New Milford who offer all vital immunizations and keep a careful eye on your dog’s health. If you have a new puppy, their weight will need to be monitored to ensure that they are progressing to a healthy standard.

Food and Water Bowls

Make sure these are size appropriate and the water bowl is big enough to carry a days’ worth of water for your dog. It is also important to keep these clean and free of bacteria with a daily wash.

ID Tag

A personalized ID tag is essential in case your dog ever gets lost. Make sure you have your address and phone number included on the tag and that your dog is wearing it at all times both day and night.


It is sensible to obtain a training leash if you are taking possession of a puppy or dog with little training. As well as this, you will need a short leash for maximum control while you are out and about.

As well as the above, it is sensible to ensure that you have toys to entertain your dog and training treats always on your person.

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