What You Need to Know About When Buying an Induction Cooktop

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As our lifestyles have become busy and more advanced, the culinary world is coming up with attest technology to make life easier for us. One of the latestrages in the kitchen appliances industryis the induction cooktops. These cooktops stand out as compared to conventional cooktops for all the right reasons. However, they are still a new concept and it is important for you to now a few things before you purchase an induction cooktop, especially if you are a newbie.Price Point
Induction cooktops are one of the most advanced technology when it comes to cooking appliances. That is why it also happens to be the most expensive of all. Althoug the prices have gone a tad bit lower since what they were priced when they were launched initially, they are still the most expensive of all cooktops. That being said, within all types of induction cooktops available, you will find proce variations among different brands. When you are already investing in something that expensive, it is advised that you do not fall for something cheap and substandard just to save a few extra bucks and go for an induction cooktop from a reliable brand that offers good after sales support.


One of the key problem areas with home appliances is the installation process. It is natural for customers to prefer appliances that can be easily installed and set up without any professional assistance. However, do not try to install your induction cooktop on your own and hire a professional who has expertise in installing these appliances.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The most painstaking task of the entire kitchen job is to clean up the cooktop after cooking. This is where induction cooktops are a clear winner sincethe cleaning and maintenance of induction cooktops is super easy. You do not have to go through the frustrating cleaning process that you hav to go through when cleaning those gas burners. A good oven cleaner or a degreaser with a clean cloth or tea towel is all that you need to wipe it clean.


If you are planning on to purchse an induction cook top, know that some types of cookware may not work well with induction tops. Therefore, make sure you check which type of cookware will work best with your cooktop in order to ensure smooth cooking and even heat distribution. Generally, any magnetic cookware works well with induction cooktops. A good way to test your cookware’s compatability with your induction cooktop is to use a fridge magnet. If the magnet sticks to your cookware, it means the cookware is compatible with your induction cooktop.

Heat Conduction

One of the best features that sets induction cooktops apart is its heat conduction. Induction cooktopsheat food impeccably well and that too very quickly, which is why it is a cooktop of choice for most chefs. That being sai since you cannot judge the heat intensity like you can do on conventional cooktops by looking at the flame, be prepared for a few hits and misses until you get the idea of how temperature control works in induction cooktops.

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