Why You Should Have A Summer Health Check Up

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Summer is the perfect time of the year to make sure that your overall health and wellness levels are in check, and this should include both your physical and mental health. It is vital that you have a summer health check, in particular, if you are having a vacation so that you can make sure you are free from any complaints and feel in optimal shape so that you can make the most of the improved weather. Whether you are looking to shape up, slim down or even kick any bad habits that are making an impact on your day to day, then summer is the ideal time of year to make a change for good.

If you are looking to make a difference to your lifestyle this summer, then it is important that you remain realistic so that you can reach your goals and make a difference that will stick. Be sure that you write a list of any issues that you may have and try and work out which solutions or options that you can put in place, to ensure that you can improve your life for the better. If you are feeling stressed then try taking time to slow down and relax, whereas if you are slightly overweight or long to get in shape then be sure to explore which diet and exercise options will work best for you. You could even make a few changes that will benefit your entire family also, such as cooking healthy home cooked meals all together or making sure that you all get outdoors and active at least once a week. Your entire family may even like these changes, and make them want to stick even once the summer is long gone.

Seasonal health

Now that the weather is improving you are at even greater risk of a variety of seasonal health concerns and complaints that come with the season. If you suffer from hay fever, then summer is the time of year when increased pollen levels could make your life uncomfortable, in particular, if you do not keep your medication to hand. Plus, the hot weather and increased temperatures put you at greater risk of suffering from sunstroke or getting sunburn in particular if you do not protect yourself with a high factor sunscreen. Be sure to cover up and do not sit outside during the hottest hours of the day, as you risk causing your skin serious, long-term damage. It is vital that you and your entire family wear sunscreen as this not only reduces your risk of contracting skin cancer, it will also ensure that you protect your skin from premature aging. If you need to stock up on medication for any of your current complaints, then you can obtain these online from a reputable Canadian pharmacy. Finally, summer is the time of year when there are greater numbers of insects and mosquitoes that will bite your skin and cause irritation. Be sure to carry a bug and mosquito spray with you at all times, so that you reduce the risk of getting bitten. If you are on vacation and looking to go to a more exotic location, then use long sleeves or lightweight trousers at night, so that you have less skin exposed. Make sure that you take steps to improve your summer health, placing you at reduced risk of suffering from any common concerns or issues.

Get up and active

If you are keen to get in shape and slim down or even tone up, then be sure to make the most of the warmer weather so that you can get up and active. Exercise is the ideal way to get the blood pumping around your body and produce greater levels of endorphins or happy hormones, that will improve your overall mood. Even if you work in an office, make sure that you use the summer weather to get out of your seat and move your body. Try taking a walk or jog during your lunch hour, or even enjoy a dip in your local pool a couple of times a week. If you are keen to improve your muscle tone, then you will need to make a few changes to your current workout routine also. Try lifting heavier weights and explore a range of exercise classes, to find fun and interesting ways to work out that will ensure you reach your fitness goals. From fitness to aerobics or even playing ball with your family in the park, you can make exercise enjoyable. Chances are you will enjoy your new active lifestyle so much, that you will want to stick with it even when the weather turns. If you want to make a lasting change to your life, for the better, then choose the summer time to help you get back on track to reaching a happier and healthier new version of you.

Summer eating

Summer is also the perfect time to change your poor eating habits and make a few changes to your portion sizes and dishes that you serve at home. If your family enjoy take outs, then be sure to explore creating family cooked versions of these favorites at home – plus you could get your entire family involved in prepping and preparing these meals. Try loading up your plate with seasonal fruit and vegetables, so that you up your levels of fiber and include a greater number of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Try enjoying lean meat or fish that is grilled or baked rather than fried or covered in a heavy sauce, as this will enable you to reduce your overall calorie consumption and support your weight loss efforts. Make sure that you allow yourself a few summer cocktails or sweet treats, but make sure that you enjoy these in moderation so that you still reach your health and wellness goals. If you are looking to enjoy a dessert, then be sure to choose sorbet or a light ice pop over heavy ice cream that is full of saturated fat and calories. Visit your local farmers market to stop up on seasonal goods, and make sure that you eat a greater variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits so that your portions look colorful and appetizing. Enjoy summer eating, as it is fresh, healthy and satisfying – so get out your recipe book and enjoy cooking up salads and summer dishes that your entire family will enjoy.

Stay hydrated

If you are keen to improve your overall health, boost concentration levels and even support your weight loss efforts, then you need to make sure that you stay hydrated and increase the amount of water and fluids that you are drinking during the hot weather. Choose fresh fruit juices and chilled water so that you do not become hydrated, and begin to feel dizzy or weak. It is vital that you up your fluid consumption if you are working out or getting active outdoors, as you will sweat more and need to replace your fluid levels quickly. If you are enjoying summer alcoholic cocktails, or are a serious coffee addict, then it is important that you match each beverage with a glass of water so that you replace lost fluids. Remember drinking too much caffeine will also cause you to feel stressed and can result in you losing fluid more quickly, as you will find that you need to take trips to the bathroom much more often. By staying hydrated not only do you reduce your hunger levels, but you will also ensure that all of your basic bodily functions remain ticking over and working efficiently as the summer heat soars. Keep a bottle of water close to you at all times, and you will find that you are soon drinking more fluids without even realizing.

If you are looking to get in shape, improve your mental health and even use a few hacks to improve your quality of life for the better and long-term, then the summer is the ideal time of year to start making positive changes. Begin by writing a list of any goals that you want to reach, such as losing weight, working out or even giving your health a much-needed checkup. Be sure to make these realistic so that you can reach your goals, and try not to take on too much. Begin by paying close attention to your seasonal health, by taking medication and using sunscreen to avoid getting burnt. Make sure that you get outdoors and active so that you can begin to move more and work towards getting a summer body. Start making changes to your diet also, use seasonal recipes and ingredients so that you can create summer plates and dishes that your family will love. Finally, be sure to stay hydrated and up your fluid levels, so that you replace lost water through sweat and reduce your risk of getting a headache as you become dehydrated. Take your time and be sure to have a summer health check up so that you can make the most of the season while paying attention to your mind and body.

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