Writing Top Notch Papers in a Nutshell

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Students often get writing assignments as it is an inevitable part of their workload. However, not all of them are well-acquainted with the requirements of academic writing as they had no possibility to get the hand of it. Using this guide one can write well-rounded, in-depth and properly structured paper without wasting of time. First and foremost, make sure that you understand the task. Sounds weird, right, however, you have no idea how many great papers were denied just because they didn’t meet the teacher’s instructions. So read the research question attentively and make sure that you correctly define the type of paper required from you.

  1. Coming up with a catching topic

Usually teacher gives a list of choices or limits your ideas to certain direction or keeps your options open, so you can choose literally anything. In all cases it is necessary to select the theme that is noteworthy for you. Personal interest is the best motivation to write to the best of your abilities. Besides, the length of the paper also matters, when you select a theme. If the paper should be long, one needs to select a topic that gives a possibility to cover it on many pages.

  1. Brainstorm possible questions

Depending on the type of the paper, think about the questions that may help to develop a theme, for example, pros and cons, reasons that caused certain event and repercussions of it, what are the obvious questions and how it is possible to break the topic into subtopics.

  1. Searching for the answers

Usually students seek assistance of the Internet, obviously enough, as the Internet gives an access to literally any source of research data. However, not all important sources have digital version, so last I checked, libraries and magazines were still relevant sources of information. And be creative: take an advantage of the Internet and try to interview the experts singlehanded, that will make your paper the most original.

  1. Use online sources with precautions

Unfortunately, not all Internet resources can be considered reliable so it is necessary to verify all information to make sure that the quote you use is a proved fact and not someone’s opinion about the issue. Experts of Dissertation Labs have some tips about it: first and foremost, use only dated materials as a dateless article can be fresh and can be 20 years old. Next, take an advantage of different search engines, they will give different results.

  1. Setting notes in order

When you search for research data, it is essential to make notes and when you see that there is enough information to start working with the material, do it. Look through them and decide, what is the core of your paper? Is it possible to express the main idea of it within one sentence? If yes, then congratulations, you have a thesis statement.

  1. Outline the paper

Use the questions you’ve made up concerning your topic as subheadings in the paper. Pay attention that you have to reason out the most logical order of the subheadings.

  1. Start writing

Now you give no chance to the writer’s block or lack of inspiration. Your paper is well-organized and structured, referencing materials are waiting for their time, so what are you waiting for? Get started and write, write, write. Do not pay attention to mistakes, there will be time to fix them. Pay attention to the rules of quotations – you don’t want to be accused in usage of plagiarized materials, do you?

  1. Edit and proofread you writing

When you spend several days on writing, it is really hard to edit it, so give it a rest for at least a day. Fresh perspective can help you to find mistakes – and, guaranteed, every new reading will find something in the paper, worth editing and improving. Pay attention to grammar and typos, and check correctness of quotes arrangement – teachers always pay attention to these points.

Following this simple guideline you can craft a top-notch paper. A bit of knowledge, skills and passion and you will become an author of a masterpiece!

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  • These are some great suggestions. There is alot that goes into writing these papers if you are going to do it well. thank you so much for sharing this

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