2 Effortless Ways to Find a Tradesman for You Next Home Improvement Project

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Thinking about your next home renovation project? Unsure of where and how to begin your search to find a tradesman to take on the job? Well, you can rest easy-you are not alone here. Many people put off necessary home improvement projects for this reason alone. You may not have time to do the research necessary to assist in your search, and you may not have the appetite for it either.  If you have ever had a home renovation project or construction project go awry, or had to deal with a nightmarish tradesman or contractor you may still be a bit scarred by the experience. Whatever your experience, there are some easy methods that you can utilize to find the right tradesman to take on your next project. 

Online Marketplaces

Think of them as the Yellow Pages for business online but even better. You can do a quick search online and depending on where you live you should be able to access local tradesman, builders, contractors and everything else you may need from the comfort of your living room. Many of the online marketplaces allow you to place job postings for your project. You can enter in the details of the project by type of project, for example, bathroom renovation, roofing work, electric and more. You can even set the budget for the project so that any tradesman that is registered on the site will see what you are willing to pay and respond accordingly. These online marketplaces take care of vetting the firms and individuals who register on their sites so you can be sure that you are getting someone who is trusted and reliable. In addition, these marketplaces give you the ability to place one posting and the tradesman contact YOU! No more searching specific firms online, writing down phone numbers, and spending hours making endless phone calls for quotes. The online marketplaces take away a ton of the research involved in finding the right people for the job.

Ask Around

This is an old method but is still valid. If you are the type of person that would rather work with someone that has already worked with someone else that you know and trust than this is a great way to source a skilled tradesman for you.  In any type of industry business referrals are key. If you are looking for someone local for a small-scale project you can usually find them by asking co-workers, your neighbors, and even business owners in your hometown.  Business owners are great for networking as they undoubtedly have had to do some type of renovation work on their storefronts, building, etc. If that doesn’t help you can also ask any family or friends that you have in the area that may have had some work done on their homes in the past year or so. Find out how their experiences went with their tradesman. Ask pointed questions and get all the information that you can.

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