3 Fun Ways to Take Memes to the Next Level

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With the preponderance of graphics programs now available, the popularity of memes is on the rise. You can’t go a day on social media without seeing several memes cross your pages and some are really quite artistically crafted. Have you ever wanted to print up a meme to display in the ‘real world’ simply because it speaks to you? Perhaps it says graphically and in very few words exactly what you are feeling at any given moment, or perhaps it’s just really cute. If you are adept at creating memes, why not take them to the next level? You might even be able to go into business with some of the better ones you’ve created! Consider these fun ways to take your memes to the next level and who knows, you just might make some money while you’re having fun saying what others wish they could.

1) Sublimated Pinback Buttons at Fairs

Few people can ever go through life without attending a carnival or fair at some point in their lives. Do you remember that photography booth where you could get your children’s photos in costume sublimated on a cup, t-shirt or pennant flag? You can also get those photos on pinback buttons to be worn on shirts, caps, bags and for your collection pinned on a corkboard at home. Why not take your memes to the fair and use them as the backdrop for pinback buttons? You can order blank pinback buttons to use with your printer and a sublimating heat press and literally make a small fortune selling your memes.

2) Stickers, Stickers and More Stickers

Then there are those infamous bumper stickers we all get a huge chuckle out of from time to time. If you’ve created a meme that has gone viral online, do make sure to copyright it and then go into business making an assortment of stickers to be sold locally or online. You can use these at fairs if you’d like along with your pinback buttons, mugs and t-shirts. Often, the price is right so that even those on the most limited of budgets can have a copy of your most popular memes. Stickers and pinback buttons are among the least expensive ways to keep a meme you love.

3) Digitized Embroidery

This may be your most expensive investment, but it’s a fun way to memorialize your best memes. You can now get professional quality home embroidery machines and digitizing software that makes it easy to whip up patches, and custom embroideries that you can put on anything from towels to handbags. Some of the more popular home embroidery machines are inexpensive enough for the average household and if you really, really want to have fun with your memes, digitize them for embroidery. Just bear in mind that you will need to keep your graphics as simple as possible with as few color changes as possible to facilitate quick embroidery.

Memes are really trending and have been for several years now. You can have fun with those you’ve created or purchased rights to and even make some real money with them. Get creative and explore other ways to bring fun and eye-catching means out of the cyber realm to the real world. Hobby or business, it’s something few are doing so have at it and good luck! You just might be the digital Picasso of the 21st Century. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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