3 Must-Have Features for Your Media Room

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Modern life means constant connectivity. And despite ongoing innovation in the way of technology, being connected is not only an incredible luxury but also something of a burden. Being always on is certainly convenient, puts so much information at our fingertips, and offers limitless entertainment. But the drawbacks of unlimited access to all networks are well documented in terms of the negative effects on our mental health, ability to focus, attention span and perhaps even our happiness.

In response, one solution many are employing is the concept of a “media room.” Alternately called a “screen time room,” this is a dedicated space in the house reserved as the only location for phone, tablet and TV use. Especially when paired with a separate “focus room” (reserved for reading, focus work and distraction-free relaxation), this can have the effect of minimizing the downsides of constant connectivity without removing access to the clear benefits.

More and more people are finding great success by separating these activities, regaining their ability to concentrate, and enjoying anxiety-free time away from the constant onslaught of notifications buzzing in their pocket. And, fortunately, setting up a media room is easy. Just stick to the three tips below, and you too can start engaging with your devices in a healthier, more strategic way. 

1. Theater Design

The star of the show will be the main screen in your media room, so get the nicest option that makes sense for your budget in a size that fits this space. While getting the biggest screen on the market may seem like the popular and appropriate option, going too big certainly can have its drawbacks.

You’ll also want to mount the screen properly on the wall or display stand. While this is something most people can do themselves, don’t be afraid to enlist some experts; after all, you’ll only do this once, and you want to make sure it’s done right. And this advice goes double if you decide to add any external audio configuration. Even all the high-tech equipment in the world will only enhance the sound quality if it’s installed correctly.

2. Comfortable Seating

While you don’t want to spend all your time in the media room — that would defeat the purpose! — you do want it to be comfortable. This requires spending some time on the setup by procuring the most desirable and comfortable furniture, as well as the right design elements.

Include a comfortable sofa at the center of everything, along with some other fetching seating options, including enough for everyone in the house plus a few guests. Make sure there is also an area (or two) that can act more like an ergonomic desk for actual work, in addition to the options available to just kick your feet up and veg out with some Netflix.

3. Optimal Lighting

The room you’ll use for screen time likely is already wired with pre-existing light fixtures. This might be just fine, and in that case, you have little more to do. But given this will be the only space devoted to screen use, you may want to have a bit more control.

If nothing else, add a dimmer switch that will allow you to lower the overhead lightning — both to let your eyes rest during longer work sessions or to change the mood depending on the type of film you’re watching during movie night. You can also add in some lamps that use different types of bulbs to lower the effects of eye strain.

The Big Screen

Setting up a media room can be a great idea. Not only will it reorient you to the pros and cons of screen time, but it also establishes some concrete boundaries and priorities for everyone in your household.

The three crucial elements to setting up a media room are the main viewing screen, proper seating and furniture options, as well as getting the lighting correct. Be sure to get these features right.

If you do all this correctly, you’ll have not just a place in the home to stay connected — with limits — but also a great space that will become the perfect place for entertainment and productivity alike.

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