3 Ways to Make Your Waterfront Property More Fun

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Having a property by a beach or a lake is fun all on its own. But you can always make it more exciting with a few additions. There’s no need for a complete overhaul of the landscape. Rather, it’s all about making sure that you will have more things to do during your stay.

Building a Brick Oven

You would think that being at a lakeside, cooking over a grill would suit your needs best. In many ways, this is true. But we’re talking about making your stay at your waterfront property more fun. So why not swap out the ol’ Coleman and get a brick oven instead?

Why a brick oven? Because they suit the feel and look of the location quite well.


It adds a certain idyllic appeal that helps make the property more calming. Doesn’t it fit the theme of a house by the water, away from civilization?

You cook with firewood, stoking the flames, and getting a nice line of smoke coming out of the vent. It paints quite the pretty picture.

More importantly, though, there are a ton of awesome dishes that you can make with it. You can make pies, pizza, fish, and whatever else.

As for how you can do this, there are two ways. One is to have someone build the oven for you. Then either you or the builder can bring the oven to your property for installation.

The second option is for you to build the oven yourself. This can even be part of the fun since it’s quite the interesting process. Using a brick oven that you made yourself does bring a lot of pride. Especially if you show it off to friends and family.

Plastic Floating Docks

A great way to make any lake house or beachfront property more fun is by having a boat dock. Not to mention that it’s also perfect for raising the property price. But that’s a topic for another day.

Now, it’s important to note that plastic floating docks are not only for building docks. That is one of the things it can be used for. Plastic floating docks can also be used to construct floating platforms, artificial islands, and more.


If you already have a boat, this is a great way to set a place to secure it. For spy movie aficionados out there, there are also jet ski docks for sale. You can literally drive the jet ski right onto the dock for safekeeping.

You can even build a floating campsite, if you want. Imagine setting up tents in the middle of the lake. That would be quite the experience.

Kitting Up for Astronomy

Aside from the water, the peace, and being away from annoying people, what does a waterfront property offer? If it’s far away enough from the city, the answer is clear night skies. This is where you can see all of the stars and celestial bodies in crystal fashion.

This then presents you with the perfect opportunity to do some stargazing. Now, you can do it with your naked eye, if you want. The many dots of light blanketing the black canvas would be beautiful this way too.

But if you had a simple telescope with you, it would be even better. Aside from that, what about having references for star charts, constellations, and even navigation? This would make the experience even more thrilling.


Why would you want to do this? Because the lake can be really boring at night, especially if you are alone. More importantly, it plays on one of the greatest charms of being out on your lake house or beachfront property.

Being away from civilization means getting in touch with nature and the universe. It brings you closer to more cosmic interactions. What could be more cosmic than the stars and other heavenly bodies?

While you’re out there on your own and you look at the moon through your telescope, it gains a special meaning. The same goes for the other planets and, depending on where you are, some wonderful space clouds.

Doing this doesn’t take any special preparation either. You only need a few pieces of equipment and a little bit of research.


Having a waterfront property is awesome all on its own, but you can always make it better. You can always combine rest and relaxation with the joys of building, cooking, and playing.

This discussion is all about giving you more reasons to appreciate your lake or beach house even more. Make every minute you spend there into a memorable experience. You deserve it!

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