5 Ways to Save Money on Vehicle Transport

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Whether you’re moving or want to get a vehicle transported for another reason, you’ll want to know how to move it safely and likely within a timeframe. Buying a car from hundreds of miles away is much easier when you use a reputable vehicle transport service. You’ll want to save money too to stay within a reasonable budget. Here are five top money-saving tips.

  1. Wait for off-peak season

If you have your eyes set on a new car but don’t need it at this exact moment, consider waiting for off-peak season. Vehicle transport companies are the busiest between May and September, so rates are usually higher during this period than the rest of the year.

Another thing to keep in mind is that early autumn is the time when some residents from northern states prepare their migration towards the sunny south and ship their cars ahead. Thus, it makes sense to schedule the transport of your car for a less busy period, such as between October and April. Also, if possible, select a date well in advance to avoid paying higher fees for urgent transport.

  1. Terminal-to-terminal delivery

If you’re planning on having a car towed from in front of the house and sent to the new owner, this is going to cost more than when you drive it yourself to the closest shipping terminal. There’s bound to be one near you, and it can save you some money.

The same goes for the new car you’re expecting. You might have it delivered to the terminal and pick it up yourself to stay within the budget.

  1. Flexible shipping

Do you need the car on October 5th or will any time in early October do? Did you know you can save money by choosing flexible delivery or pickup? You might even get a discount if you allow the shipping company to take care of your car on a day when they’re not busy.

  1. Choose an open carrier

Unless your car is a vintage model or extra special, you can do well with an open carrier. It might get exposed to some rain and dust, but realistically that’s going to happen anyway as soon as you start driving around. It won’t stay brand new forever, and an open carrier is typically cheaper than a closed one.

  1. Shop around for quotes

You’ve probably spent some time looking up cars across the country to find the ideal one, so why rush and have it delivered by the first shipping company you find? Do a bit of research, ask around, go on Google, and check out several carriers.

Ask for a quote from a vehicle transport company like Acertus to decide if it’s right for you. A reputable transporter will be happy to answer your questions and take the extra steps to ensure you are comfortable with the process.

Also, look for reviews from past customers to find out what their experience was like to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. Then book the transport services with a high level of confidence.

Concluding words

A new car is a sizeable investment, so why waste precious money on transport when you can easily save some money instead? Follow these simple tips to stay within your budget.


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