7 of the Best Cats for Allergy Sufferers

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It’s the classic dilemma. You love cats, and you want to bring one into your home, but you suffer from allergies. Being around cats for too long gives you a runny nose, makes your eyes stream, and can even bring you out in hives. Some people opt to take daily allergy pills to accommodate their furry friend, but this isn’t always necessary. Here is a rundown of the most hypoallergenic cats in the world.

#1 Balinese

With its regal coat and mystical blue eyes, the Balinese is a favorite amongst cat lovers, even regardless of allergies. Balinese are energetic, playful, and highly intelligent – one of the most intelligent breeds that you’ll find. They also produce (and therefore deposit) far less Fel d1, a major chemical cause of allergies.

#2 Russian Blue

Another outright regal cat, Russian Blues, have luxurious coats and an instantly recognizable, striking look. Much like the Balinese, they don’t produce a lot of the Fel d1 chemical, and they’re not heavy shedders. Grab yourself a brush from one of the many pet stores in Phoenix, Arizona; give the Russian Blue a daily brush, and you’ll find virtually no stray hair on your furnishings.

#3 Bengal

Bengal cats resemble wildcats with their thin, scrappy appearance and sparse coat. Don’t be fooled, though: this is one of the most affectionate breeds in the world. They demand constant attention and love from their owners. There’s no need to fear those cuddles, though, since a short coat means minimal shedding, which is excellent news for allergy sufferers.

#4 Cornish Rex

These cats are balls of energy that always want to play, run and get into mischief. They’re a great choice for allergy sufferers if you can handle their exuberance because they need to be bathed regularly. These cats are prone to oil buildup, but washing that away also reduces Fel d1. Since this breed is well accustomed to water, they don’t mind a bath, and many seem to actively enjoy it.

#5 Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats might look hairless to the naked eye, but they actually have a very thin, nearly transparent layer of fur that does need occasional brushing. Nonetheless, they barely shed and are probably the closest you can get to a fully hypoallergenic cat. Some people find their appearance a little intimidating, but these cats are social animals. They love people and are very vocal in how they express their affections!

#6 Siberian Cats

With their thick coats and longhaired appearance, Siberians might not seem like the best choice. All that hair traps skin particles and chemicals closer to the cat’s body, though, preventing them from escaping into the air. Moreover, Siberians don’t shed much, although you will need to brush them daily to prevent knots and tangles.

#7 Javanese

Generally considered one of the most beautiful (not to mention rare and therefore expensive) cats in the world, Javanese barely produce any Fel d1. That makes them a fantastic choice for allergy sufferers, but there’s more good news. Javanese don’t have undercoats, so they shed much less. These cats enjoy cuddling and are highly intelligent.

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