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Trying to attain the level of Evan Spiegel net worth is hard to do. If great wealth like that is your goal, then begin by trying to cut expenses. While it might not be the most fun thing you’ve done, it’s definitely the easiest way. It’s straightforward. One thing you can do to really save money is use good bargains. There are several ways to find them and use them to save a bit to invest and grow your wealth for the future.

Sam’s Club

When you join Sam’s Club, you can get some great deals. The savings when you buy in bulk is incredible. You will spend more upfront, but if you stick to a menu plan and only buy what you need, you can save an amazing amount of money shopping at Sam’s Club. They have mail-in rebates in flyers that they send to you every month. Time your shopping trips according to that, and you can set a nice chunk of change aside for investments.

The Art of the Haggle

This won’t work at every place you buy things at, but it can work in many situations. According to Consumer Reports, many people can’t haggle. Those people feel like it’s just something they can’t do. Haggling is an art form that saves you a ton of money. This leads to the next point to save you money every day.

Small Independent Stores

Small stores are the best place to save money on haggling. In fact, buying from a small non-chain store helps your local businesses and is the greatest opportunity you have to get amazing deals. Sometimes a small store will have things that need to sell for anything. They have too much inventory. They need to sell the thing you need. The rest is history. Haggle and get that thing for less. Less money spent means more money in your pocket.


If you refuse to use coupons when you shop, then you are throwing money away. You can use coupons to get free groceries and supplies for your home. You need a calculator and good math skills. Then just sign up for all the store apps and get the weekly mailers that have coupons inside. Ask your stores in the city where you live what their coupons policies are. When you combine them, you can get everything for free. When you combine rebates, you can even get cash back with those free things.

Shop Less

As mentioned above, joining a wholesale warehouse and shop once a month. You can still stop and buy weekly things like milk and fresh fruit, but the big things can save you money if you buy them at once in bulk. So many people spend too much money on unnecessary shopping. The layout in the store is set up to create this tendency. Don’t fall for it. The more you spend on little useless things, the less you have to invest and potentially make that fortune you desire.

Use Lists

You can create lists ahead of time to make sure that you get in and buy only what you need. You’ll shop less if you have those lists. Be like a man or woman on a mission. Know the layout of the store. Head to each section and put those things on the list in the basket. There will be temptations. Just remind yourself how wonderful it’ll feel when you’re laying on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

Buy in Bulk

When you buy in bulk, you can save so much. Use those memberships in the warehouse, as mentioned above, and really get the savings. When you buy a huge bag of rice and store it in containers with an airlock, your rice can last for a long time. That means the next time you’re in the warehouse, you won’t need to buy that thing again. It’ll become a quarterly purchase. Pat yourself on the back, lone shopper! You’ve just saved money.

Now you know why a consumer should look for a good bargain before you buy, and how this helps your money situation over time. When you plan and restrain yourself from frivolous purchases, you can really save money. Then you can go learn about the investments that people like Evan Spiegel made.

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