Aggression – Causes and CBD Treatments for Dogs

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Dogs are regarded as men’s best friends, am I right? Then, how come they can often show signs of aggression towards people? Isn’t this a kind of a paradox? In addition to that, it is not uncommon to find them act aggressively towards their own species, but this is usually aimed at marking and preserving their own territory.

However, if your canine is unexpectedly growling, snarling, or even biting, then you need to figure out what’s hidden behind that behavior. The sooner you understand that there is always a reason for this kind of actions, the better you will be at dealing with it. It is wrong to assume that “aggression is in their character” and that there is nothing you can do about it.

Exactly those kinds of assumptions lead to those stories in which canines have attacked humans “for no apparent reason”. Trust me; there is always a reason. Don’t be ignorant and don’t dismiss signs of violent behavior in your little friend as something natural and normal. After all, you are the one who knows best how cuddly and loving these animals can be, so don’t just sit back and watch them become violent and hostile. Useful content.


As I have already said, there is always a reason for hostile behavior. Think about it for a second. If your adorable, fluffy animal starts acting out all of a sudden, that means it is trying to communicate something to you. Canines are expected to do whatever we say and want at all times. Sometimes, that can cause some stress, especially when people they haven’t previously met are involved.

So, when owners see that their dogs aren’t acting the way they would want them to act, the first instinct is to react negatively and reprimand the animal. But, stop right there for a moment. That is a part of your family you are talking to, and the fact that it cannot talk back doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give your best to understand it. How do you feel when nobody around you seems to give an effort to understand you?

Therefore, in order to treat your faithful companion’s aggression, you need to understand it first. There are many causes of this condition, and fear, pain and anxiety are at the top of the list. If your doggie is in pain, or feels that it is in danger, it’s only natural to act this way. When pain is the cause, you will be able to notice this in no time, which allows you to treat it.

Fear might work a bit differently. The problem is that they start getting the sense of danger in the most common everyday situations. Dread and distress can become their way of reacting to circumstances that don’t call for it. They feel that their existence is threatened, even though it isn’t, and they start becoming aggressive.

Learn how to deal with this:

No matter how hard you try to “explain” to your canine that there is nothing to worry about, the animal simply doesn’t get your point. You have tried to use every trick from the book, but nothing works. So, at times, you can feel completely hopeless and at a loss regarding what to do. However, there is something you can do in order to prevent this behavior and many pet owners are resorting to this highly convenient option.


I suppose you have already heard at least a bit about cannabidiol. You probably know that it cannot get your canine high and you be familiar with its effects in the treatment of epilepsy and other conditions. Nevertheless, did you know that it can be used in dealing with dog aggression? For one thing – it is perfect for relieving pain. But, that’s not all.

The endocannabinoid system is, among other things, responsible for keeping your pet’s mood in check. CBD activates this system and helps regulate the canine’s emotions as well as its reactions and responses to stress and fear. In simple words, it helps calm the dog down, as well as boost its overall mood. That can have a significant impact on the reduction of violent behavior.

A cannabinoid produced by our bodies and the bodies of our pets, called anandamide, has shown to have significant effects on emotions. Instead of getting angry with your dog and making it even angrier in the process, you should find some healthy information for animals and the effects of CBD on anandamide. In short, this cannabinoid is closely connected to stress levels and CBD can help regulate it and reduce stress and anxiety.

Sometimes, the production of anandamide and other cannabinoid is the organism of your doggie can be significantly decreased. That is when you start noticing they are unhappy, nervous, anxious and aggressive. Common sense tells us that this production needs to be increased in order to return the animal to its normal state. And yet, this is easier said than done – there is no switch to turn this on and off.

That’s when CBD comes into play. By incorporating it in your pet’s diet, you are making sure that the production of cannabinoids runs smoothly and reaches a satisfactory level. When that level is achieved, there will be no reason for your companion to act out and be hostile and violent. In turn, you two will be able to enjoy some quality time together, without any worries that the animal might get irritated by a completely normal situation.

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