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There is an old saying that goes something like “Nothing in life is free.” Well, that isn’t exactly true because there are really quite a few things you can get for free. That is to say, you won’t need to pay for them with cold, hard cash. You might need to invest a little time and effort, but when it comes to money, you may not need to spend the first red cent. Here are some things you might never have imagined you could get for free. 

Open Courses at Leading Universities

Did you know that some of the nation’s top rated universities offer online courses for free? No, you won’t get college credit for them but you can still take those classes to improve your knowledge within certain fields. In fact, you can even access other sites like the United States Small Business Administration, commonly referred to as the SBA, and take online business courses free of charge. Are you having problems getting a startup off the ground? This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to manage a business by experts in the field.

Online Printing and Web Graphic Templates

Here is one from an industry-wide graphics giant, Adobe. Did you know that they have a site where you can design everything from web graphics to postcards and everything in between? You can choose to print the finished product or save it online where you can share the link for people to access? For instance, you are announcing your upcoming wedding and although you are sending out invitations, you want to invite a broader group of friends and acquaintances to your wedding celebration. You can make your own save the dates card, invitation or graphic for an online image and those who didn’t receive a hard copy invitation can see where you will be celebrating and what they should do to respond. It’s amazing what technology is able to offer for free if you just look around a little!

Free Cooking Lessons from Williams-Sonoma

Okay, so you can see a multitude of cooking videos on YouTube, but free cooking lessons and tutorials from renowned Williams-Sonoma? That is amazing, and you will get the same information and techniques you would learn in a high-powered culinary arts institute. Watch world famous chefs prepare gourmet dishes and learn their techniques so you can impress friends and family at your next social get-together. These video lessons are what many other leading culinary sites charge an exorbitant amount of money for, so why not take advantage of lessons that are free of charge?

There are literally a million and one things you can find for free online if you just take the time to look for them. While there is always a price of some kind like spending your time and talents, there are things you can do and things you can learn without spending the first dime. With a bit of patience and a familiarity with how Google works, you can probably find more things for free than you know what to do with. How amazing is that?

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  • What an excellent idea to find free university courses! I know many people who are disabled or elderly who thought that taking a few courses was too expensive on a fixed income….I will definitely spread the word about these opportunities. Thank you so much for sharing.

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