Brylane Home Double Toaster Oven Review

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Brylane Home is your one-stop online shopping place for everything you need to enhance your home.  From tabletop appliances, to soft and modern bedding, you are sure to find almost anything you want or need with Brylane Home.


Earlier this summer, I reviewed on of their unique and amazing products, a countertop Icemaker.  You can read that review for more details and find out how much we love and still use it daily.


Just in time for my busy holiday cooking season, I have the amazing chance to review yet another fine Brylane Home appliance, their Double Toaster Oven.


Double Oven Photo


Cook 2 different items, at the same time, in this convenient appliance that will look great in the kitchen! 

  • a BrylaneHome® Exclusive
  • 14 1/4-qt./800 watts top oven and 29 1/2-qt/1000 watts bottom oven
  • features individual adjustable thermostats and dual controls from 150˚ F-450˚ F, 2 removable crumb trays, 2 baking trays and an adjustable bottom oven rack for larger items.
  • Dimensions: 18″ H x 19″W x 14″D
  • stainless steel
  • 120V
  • ETL listed
  • hand wash


Coming from a rather large family, I struggle to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table in a timely manner, year after year.  Having a standard, single bay oven in my kitchen, I have it cooking from the wee hours of the morning until early afternoon just to get a large, tasty meal ready for everyone.

Brylane Oven

I always seem to forget to add the biscuits or rolls into the oven, as this is the last thing I prepare, so they come out of the oven piping hot and fresh.  I won’t have to worry anymore with my new double toaster oven. I love the roomy bottom section that can hold a decent sized roaster or ham, and the top is perfect for a casserole or tray of biscuits.  I will be less stressed this holiday season with my new kitchen appliance.


With a separate temperature control for each compartment, this will make all of your dishes cooked-to-perfection.





As it is stainless steel, it makes for very easy clean up.  Normally priced at $179.99, right now you can score this at a great cost of just $129.99.  Be sure to visit Brylane Home and view their amazing line of kitchen appliances, holiday decor and much more.


Brylane Home has been gracious enough to sponsor a giveaway for one lucky fan to win this Double Toaster Oven.  Be sure to enter here today for your chance to win.



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154 thoughts on “Brylane Home Double Toaster Oven Review

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  • Thank you for the great review, my wife wants one of these.

  • I think this could really cut down on our electric costs by not having to heat up the big oven. It’d be great to cook dinners for my husband and I!

  • I would love to have this it looks like a great product

  • I LOVE this thing and want one now! My fiance and I frequently cook different foods at the same time (small portions) and because the temperatures are often different, I end up having to use the full-sized oven and he uses the toaster oven. It’s such a waste of time to heat up a full-sized oven, so this double toaster oven would be perfect in our household.

  • This is like a toaster oven on steriods

  • Great review!! I have been wanting a toaster oven that I can cook a whole chicken.

  • I love Brylane and have bought several products from them over the past few years from towels to rugs to curtains, so I am glad to see someone else enjoying them. About the review, you gave all the specs, which is super important and you showed several ways in which it would benefit the home. I love the product and the review, it is very thorough.

  • the idea of the temp control is amazing… time consuming for those hard working moms.. esp. single moms:)

  • This sounds so cool — a double toaster oven. I would use the heck out of this. The one I have is well-used and getting pretty tired. It still works but the timer seems like it’s starting to not to work right.

  • This is a great kitchne appliance..Its countertop ,,have two different compartments with different temperature settings..Stainless steel trays and very helpful with large families and parties as regular bay oven is already loaded 🙂

  • Wow – looks great. I wish you would have tried some pizza rolls and party pizzas in it just to see how they do. The kids make them in my toaster oven but it is getting about that time (it is 20 years ole) and two would be wonderful.

  • I always wished I could have a double oven. This would be so wonderful to have

  • This looks like a great option! I love that it takes up the same footprint as a usual toaster oven but is so much more flexibility. Very nice. Was just telling Hubby I wanted to buy an oven so I didn’t have to warm up the whole house to make something small in the oven.

  • Have always wanted a double! Sounds like this is an excellent one to go with!

  • This looks so awesome!! Right now we don’t have a stove and have been living off a tiny toaster oven and microwave. And this would be amazing as it is so big and I could cook more than one thing at a time 🙂 Thanks for the great review!

  • nice review. Interesting concept so that you don’t have to use your oven – or if you are having a lot of people over, to use both.

  • I would love to add this to my kitchen. I have the same problem you do, large family, but my wall oven is old, so I am constantly checking to make sure the temp is holding right (not too high). I would love this for daily life, heating hot pockets or pizza for lunches, and the ability to cook two things at one time, that is my dream oven in something that sits on our counter!

  • This would come in very handy for the holidays. I love that I can cook two items at once with two totally different temperature settings. This would definitely be an asset to any kitchen.


  • this is awesome, i love that you can cook two things at once and it saves you space. this is perfect for someone like my brother who has a studio apartment and doesnt have an oven.

  • wow thats a toaster oven huh, looks like you can cook almost anything in it, awsome. i like it, i think i want one, great review, and great pictures, thanks a bunch

  • Wow…what an amazing gadget!!!! There is so much you can cook with it, might have to ask Santa for one this Christmas,

  • I’ve never seen a double toaster oven before! Thank you for all the pictures of it from different angles, etc

  • your review was very informative. I like that both oven compartments have it’s one temperature control.

  • I looks like a great product and doesn’t seem to take up much room…

  • Your review is very helpful. It looks like something I would use often! 🙂

  • I have always wanted a double toaster oven.This one looks like a great one I will have to go look at it more.

  • Very good review… I appreciate the information. I receive the Brylane Home magazine weekly at my house and it’s great to see a review of an item I have seen in the magazine.

  • A very good review, the pics are clear, the explaining of the features are good..ways of using it are relatable.. it kept my interest of the dbl shelf toaster over.. which i really want one now.

  • One thing I like about this product is that each of the ovens can be set at a different temperature. This would be so helpful during the holidays!

  • I never knew you could purchase a double toaster oven, even though I do shop from Brylane Home occasionally. It definitely would come in handy when you are already using your main oven for items like a turkey or ham and there just isn’t room to bake anything else at the same time. I don’t use my single toaster oven too often because it doesn’t really hold enough to make it practical for anything other than snacks. Seeing this review definitely got me thinking …

  • Thank you for a great review. I had no idea there was a double toaster oven. We have a very old toaster oven which is on its last leg. Thanks for the overview of this product!

  • This looks like a great toaster oven! I love the two separate compartments that each have their own temperature controls.

  • I would love to have this oven because I hate putting things in a microwave. It is good quality and I trust Brylane Home!

  • I would love to have this, too. Big meals would be so much easier if you don’t have to wait for everything to get done.

  • I am another person who did not realize that there was such an appliance as a double toaster oven. What a great idea.

  • You gave a great description of the toaster oven, and now I would love to won one. Thank you for the great pictures, too.

  • I’ve been a hold out on purchasing a toaster oven because the size always seems so limiting. After reading this review, I may have to look into purchasing one of these!

  • I love the stainless steel appliance and the ease of clean up.. Thats whats ruins most toaster ovens is the ugly appearance after years of use.

  • This toaster looks amazing! Thank you for the great review on it features and operation. I miss having a toaster oven.

  • This review gave me a better understanding of the concept and benefits to the owning this product.

  • We cannot live without our toaster oven. We have been hunting for a new one. Appreciate your review. Would love to win:)

  • What a fantastic giveaway thank you!
    I didn’t realize they had double toaster ovens!!!
    I love learning about new products thank you!
    I’ve been living without cooking gas since January, hard to make dinner in a toaster oven and microwave but the double toaster oven looks like it would do the trick!

  • Great review!! I’ve never seen a double toaster oven, it would be perfect for large family gatherings. I also love it is large enough for a casserole.

  • This looks great would be so handy to have.

  • This looks like a great toaster oven, I don’t own a toaster oven, this would be a wonderful one to have.

  • I like that it’s easy cleanable and that it is made out of stainless steel also.

  • Oooh, this looks really nice. And the fact that it’s so easy to use and clean is great!

  • I like that I could use this when I need it and then put it away when I don’t. It would be great for the holidays.

  • Having a very large family myself it has always been a struggle to get everything ready at the same time for Holiday dinners. The minute I saw this toaster oven my first thought was, what a great item for Thanksgiving dinner. Loved your thorough review.
    Carol L

  • You did a great job writing the review.

  • Your review makes me want one of these. I love the double compartment with separate temperature control feature on this toaster oven.

  • This would be awesome and save so much time. Great item for the holidays.

  • I would love this in my kitchen! it seems really useful and a time saver.

  • i love this toaster, can do so much w/ it. can make my doggies treats as well as mine. never seen a double toaster b4.

  • I have been wanting a toaster oven for a very long time, and this one sounds like it would be great.

  • I have never seen or heard of a Double Toaster Oven before. This one has so many features to make preparing any type of food easier that one cannot help but drool over the idea of owning it! It is attractive too – important for sitting out in your kitchen! Thanks so much for all the information and the great giveaway!

  • Sounds great1!!

  • I’ve always wanted a toaster oven….this would be great for the summertime too. Wish me luck

  • Thank you for the review, I could really use this!!

  • Great review. I myself live in a small apartment and have a tiny oven and can only fit one thing at a time in my oven this would be great just for cooking a regular dinner. If I won this I guess a Thanksgiving dinner would also be possible.

  • I am just like you. I always forget to throw something in the oven at the last minute, usually the biscuits! This would be so handy to have. I love the size of it and that it’s stainless steel. Clean up would be a breeze! Great review! I want one.

  • very nice review…lots of useful information

  • You offered some great ideas on how to use this appliance, it sure would come in handy to have one,

  • Wow I am loving this toaster oven. I really need one right now & this one has really caught my interest. I’ve never seen one quiet like it before. Thanks so much for your informative review.

  • You have sold me on this toaster oven I was planning on getting one for my DIL for xmas, so I know already I am buying one…. if I do not win one I can be sure to say I am going to get two. I have been needing a new one for some time now and this would be just the type that I would love to own. Keep up the great work on your reviews you deliver a winning study everytime.

  • It’s awesome that there is a temperature control for both. With easy cleanup yet! Would be great for the holidays!

  • Great review! After reading all the plusses to this toaster, I really really want one now.

  • Wow! I would love to have this. Handy and convenient.

  • Thanks so much for your review! This toaster oven is awesome and I would love to have this available to me, especially at the holidays when I’m trying to get everything done at the same time. I can see where this product would be very beneficial 🙂

  • wow! what a versatile appliance! i could find so many uses for this in my kitchen!

  • This toaster oven would get used in my house its perfect for teaching my teens to cook . I make cinnamon rolls a lot and often forget to shut of my big oven with this toaster oven it would be a breeze to keep a eye on my cooking . Its also the perfect size for a roast Chicken so many yummy things to make can’t wait.

  • OMG What a great oven, I am like you I cook everyday and all Holidays and I have to cook 1 or 2 things at a time and I always have to do my pre cutting and baking the day before because I only have one oven but with this I could cook several things at once anf finally have dinners at a decent hour. I love that you showed it has 14 1/4-qt./800 watts top oven and 29 1/2-qt/1000 watts bottom oven and it’s atainless steel which helps with clean up. You did a great review on this, congrats on getting one

  • Great review. Sure seems to help make cooking meals easier. Love the 2 compartments.

  • I love this toaster oven.I love how you can cook two things at once instead of having to bother with an oven.I like how it has the two levels stacked instead of side by side so it takes up less room in the kitchen.I like how it’s made of stainless steel so it is less likely to tarnish as quickly.You could make something like rolls and baked chicken at the same time with less cleanup.

  • I have been wanting a toaster oven for a long time. This one looks like a winner and has so many wonderful features. Thanks for the great review!

  • This is the coolest thing ever, and I never realized it existed, so thank you for the introduction. A well written and thorough review, I appreciate the time involved.
    I think this would be wonderful to have, especially in the summer when you do not want to warm up the whole house from the heat of the regular oven. Also, for people like me who just cook for one, or as a place to keep food warm between courses.
    It is like bunkbeds for food! 🙂

  • Love how spacious it is. You could reply make a whole meal.

  • This looks like such a great thing. We have two young men around here (one a teen) and really they seem to spend their lives making stuff in the toaster oven. Having two chambers would be amazing.

  • I’m glad you made references to actual food that you cooked. It’s so hard to judge only from dimensions. I want one!

  • This is awesome!! Thanks for introducing me to it! This would definitely speed up cooking a dinner, and i like the fact that it seems to be high quality, stainless steel!

  • From reading your review; I could definitely use this! It could come in handy and be used quite a bit in our kitchen!

  • I love how you can cook two dishes in here. This is great when you prepare dinner for a big family. Love this toaster and your review is awesome to!!!

  • I used to have one something close to this but not thinking as big. I used it for years as you would use a regular oven only smaller portions kind of thing. Ill tell ya. these are super on your electric bill if you was to have a bigger one like this.

  • Wow! This is so nice. I had heard of Brylane Home before but I had no idea they had so many different products.

  • Your review is great. I want this. I live alone and this could completely replace my oven..Great savings on the electric bill. Again, you did a great job on the review!

  • I’m amazed at how big this is! There have been numerous times when I could have used a second oven.

  • It’s good that you give the dimensions, that it is stainless steel, and have several pictures inside and out! Thanks!

  • I wanted one of these before, after your review I really want one more than anything! !

  • This looks like it would be helpfull in my kitchen. Love the dual controls

  • This looks amazing! I would love to own one!

  • this looks awesome, I have a toaster oven that I use and and thinking about getting another one. This one would be great since I could cook more food in it. I usually use the toaster oven more than the oven itself, and this double oven lets me cook a whole meal if need be, right from the convenient countertop oven.

  • This is a Great Review and Wonderful Pictures I Love this oven and wish I had it. Thank you, Jerri Davis

  • Nice review. I have never seen one this size. I would love to own it. Glad you liked it 🙂

  • I would love to be able to cook two things at the same time without changing the settings on the oven . Sometimes I’ll cook something at a higher temp then have to wait for it to cool down before I can cook the next thing. Wastes time!! This would be wonderful to have 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  • This is pretty cool for a quick snack! Better than heating up an oven and waste all that electricity 🙂

  • Woohoo!

  • Amazing! I said last week I needed another toaster oven because I use mine for everything, I haven’t used my big oven in a year. I commented that I needed another one that could sit on the one I had though, because I have very limited counter space…….I had NO idea there was a double one on the market. Great sale price on this too…..hmmmm.

  • Love the features on this, since just me and my hubby now, would be better than using oven most times, and when everyone comes to visit, like at holiday’s, would be a big help in fixing big dinners like I used to!!

  • I do remember reading your ice maker review. I would put that right next to my Keurig.
    I like this toaster oven! I can see where this will be a life saver at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’d definitely shove a ham and some dinner rolls in there, too. I would love to have one of these in my kitchen too. I really like this appliance… thank you for sharing.

  • This is great!!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving!!

  • Great review! Makes me want one! It would come in so handy during the holidays, and when the kids are here. I would love to try out a ham or a chicken in one of these. Never thought of using a toaster oven before. And I love that it has two compartments, with separate settings. It would be especially handy in the summer time, too, not having to turn on the oven!

  • Very well written review. I too have a big family and this would help greatly during the holidays.

  • These really do come in handy for last minute biscuits, or to warm up pizza slices. But the fact that this one has two separate compartments, and can use them both at the same time with two different settings is great! I never thought to use a toaster oven to cook a ham in, but would love to try it. Among a number of other dishes. Would love to have one of these.

  • I have always wanted a toaster oven,but have never owned one.This one would be so nice.I also have a large family and I use my oven so much trying to get our meals made.

  • Never really thought I needed an appliance like this …But now after reading you review …I HAVE to have one!!!


  • Wow, what a useful appliance! This certainly makes timing out dinner a lot easier!

  • We really need a new toaster oven. I like that you can cook for two different people at the same time.

  • I think this is a great new product, I love you can cook different things at the same time – will so be a great addition to my buzy family’s lives.

  • I love it. I’ve never seen a toaster oven like this before. I like that more than one thing at the same time.

  • Great review I really like that this has top and bottom oven

  • Great review! Not a bad price too for such a large toaster! We have a toaster with only one level. I can see how this one would be much more convenient even with a family as small as mine!! 🙂

  • You have convinced me that this is the toaster i need in my home! great review

  • Great review and great product! I’m glad you listed the specs, especially the dimensions – it’s hard to tell the size of something from a pic. This would be great for us, as we have no working oven, just a microwave!

  • Awesome item and awesome review… I love how you take so many pictures of the little details…. I also love that it can make both of my kids happy at the same time…LOL

  • What a clever design…going UP instead of OUT and taking up too much counter space. but still having enough room for bigger items. I also am at a loss for how to play the musical pans during Holidays. Trying to time out the whole meal as to when each item has to go in the oven and still have room AND have it all hot to serve. I’d be putting smaller casseroles in this or doing the rolls like you said. Wow, what a great item to put on your wish list or to GIFT! Great savings!

  • Your review is excellent for this product! I really like that there are two separate compartments with dual temperature controls. This oven would be a great addition to any kitchen. Thank you for introducing me to this product and keep up the terrific blogging!

  • So technically speaking you could bake a cake and pie at the same time. Very useful appliance. I could see me using one. Great if you don’t want to heat up the whole kitchen with the oven. Awesome

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

    • Linda,

      So true, I could bake a cake and pie simultaneously. LOL

  • This is great. I like that you can cook two things at the same time.

  • This would be great for my kitchen. Being able to cook 2 separate foods at the same time would be a dream come true!

  • I’ve never seen a toaster oven that can cook two things at one time like this one. We use our toaster over all the time too. Sure beats warming up the whole house with the oven in Summer.

  • I absolutely love this for getting big meals ready for company, but I would use it for so much more. With just Hubz and me at home most of the time now this would be perfect for a lot of my small daily cooking.

  • I love the fact it cooks two things at a time. It’s nice when you have a big family. And I also like how it’s easy to clean.

  • This would be so helpful!

  • I Love how this Double toaster oven is made, so unique. I see also its made of stainless steel, I Love that as well. Looks like it is made very well.

  • I Love it ! Great review! I really want one now! 🙂

  • My opinion is this. Brylane products, in general are awesome products to own. I used to own a mixer, and moved and sold it. I’m kicking myself now because it was wonderful. I could definitely use a toaster oven because my tiny apartment only has a stovetop. I LOVE this thing!!

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  • Oh this is an amazing product– thanks for the review. I want it! 🙂

  • i love it and want one

  • this is very nice

  • I really like the fact that you mentioned that it is made of stainless steel and easy to clean, which is important to me.

  • this is a great blog and i love it blessings to you always from my house to your house

  • I love this…i like the size of it and I do the same with dinner rolls at family get togethers. I could totally use something like this, not to mention I live in South Texas so this would come in handy for any day of the week 🙂

  • just a question ? did the temps range a lot or was it like your oven and stays at close to the temp you set it at, ty for chance to win this would be nice to have in my home with all my boys 🙂

  • I love that larger items can fit in this machine as well.

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  • I love this thing. I grew up with a toaster oven but it was nothing like this one. I love your review of this. It makes me want it so much more. It is awesome that you can put two things at once in it. So convenient.

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  • Your review was so easy to read and understand. Crisp clear language and the pictures were awesome. It’s so nice to look at pictures that you can actually see what the product is. Thanks so much.

  • This little guy is amazing! I’d love to have one especially with the holidays coming up.

  • great review, it has made me want to put this on my Christmas list if I don’t win this one. It would come in so handy when all the kids and grandkids are here

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