The Coolest Accessories for Your Summer Camping Vacation

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It might not seem like it at the minute given that we haven’t yet escaped the depths of winter, but pretty soon summer will be here, and once summer is here, that means camping season is here!

Before you know it, you’ll be firing up the RV, dusting off the tents and getting ready to hit the road to spend time exploring the country while getting better acquainted with Mother Nature.

The basic camping essentials are vital to any successful trip, but it isn’t just those you’ll want with you this summer. Here are some of the coolest accessories you can take with you to make your camping experience even more enjoyable.

Glow in the dark tent ropes

We’ve been all there, having to scamper to the bushes in the middle of the night for the bathroom but only making it a few feet before going flying over a tent rope hidden under the cloak of darkness. Well, not anymore. Glow in the dark tent ropes not only prevent you tripping over, but they also look pretty cool.

Wearable sleeping bags

Cross the onesie with the sleeping bag and what do you get? The wearable sleeping bag. It’s essentially a sleeping bag with sleeves and legs so that you can walk around and use your arms without ever having to get out from underneath the covers – sounds like heaven.

12-volt fridge

Never again will you have to suffer the horror of drinking warm beer while camping thanks to the 12-volt fridge. The 12-volt fridge is so much more effective than the traditional cool box, chilling anything that you need when on the road or camping.  How to get more out of your 12 volt fridge setup.

Camp stove power charger

If you are one of the 84% of people worldwide who can’t live without their cell phone, then help is at hand with a camp stove power charger. These wood burning devices create a smokeless fire that cooks food and will boil water, all the while taking the heat produced and turning it into electricity which can be used to charge up electrical devices.

Light up tactical knife

It’s a tactical knife, but with a light concealed within the handle which shines down the blade, allowing you to see exactly what you are chopping or carving in the dark, because you never know when you might need to get cutting.

Mosquito repellent wristbands

Nobody likes mosquitos, and nobody likes having to cover themselves with mosquito repellent. You can avoid them both by slipping on a mosquito repellent wristband packed with citronella, which will keep the pesky bugs away without all the hassle of a spray or cream.

Solar powered grill

Harness the power of the sun to cook your food for you. The solar-powered grill works by using reflectors aimed towards the sun to channel heat into a vacuum tube which is then used to cook food without the hassle of propane, charcoal or wood. It takes that frying an egg on the sidewalk trick to a whole new level.

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6 thoughts on “The Coolest Accessories for Your Summer Camping Vacation

  • I think the Glow in the dark tent ropes are the most useful of all of these.

  • These are all fantastic camping accessories, thanks for sharing! I have always loved camping and am really looking forward to being able to go again this year! 🙂 I have never heard of Glow in the dark tent ropes before, but I am definitely going to be getting some for our next trip!

  • I have not heard of the glow in the dark tent ropes before. What a great idea!

  • Glow in the dark tent ropes, such a simple yet great idea! I’m constantly tripping over those things.

  • I got to wonder if those wrist bands will deter mosquitos the entire length of your body and not just your arm.

  • These are such great suggestions. My son and grandchildren love camping. These would make some great gift ideas. Thank you so much for sharing

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