The Most Unusual Attractions in Columbus, GA

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Georgia, sometimes known as the Peach State, is a beautiful southern state with distinct qualities. It boasts welcoming communities, delicious food, a thriving sports culture, beautiful weather, stunning mountains, and plenty of green space. Consider houses for rent in Columbus GA if you’re seeking a less expensive state to reside in. If you want to relive American history, you should travel to Georgia. This southern state has seen some of history’s most significant events. The Gold Rush, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War all happened in Georgia. Along with all of Georgia’s other attractions, make sure to visit Columbus’s most unusual  attractions.

Lunch Box Museum

Lunch boxes for most people, there is a sense of nostalgia. The majority of people are unaware that these beloved childhood snack-bearing boxes, or at least the old metal ones, were formerly classified as weapons. Lunchboxes were once prohibited. In the 1920s, the metal lunch pail became popular among American teenagers. Many were bland at first and lacked any sense of individuality. Eventually, firms began issuing licenses to lunch box manufacturers to utilize their characters and iconic icons as decals, with Disney being the first. Lunch boxes developed to symbolize a child’s individuality and distinctiveness about this time. Your lunch box’s design revealed something about your personality.

Springer Opera House

One of the issues with a huge city like Atlanta is that it’s impossible to get tickets to a Broadway musical without paying a lot of money. While the Fox Theatre is a lovely theater, it keeps ticket prices outrageously high and reserves the best seats for corporate sponsors like Delta and Coca-Cola, preventing many people from seeing a concert. At the Springer Opera House, this isn’t an issue. This lovely old structure hosts both Broadway and off-Broadway productions. Dream Girls put on a show for us.

Geocaching adventure

What is geocaching, exactly? It’s an outdoor activity in which participants use GPS coordinates to locate concealed objects across the area. For those who enjoy solving mysteries using clues, Columbus provides a terrific geocaching trip.

Zip line from one state to another

This one is for thrill-seekers. Ziplining is a great method to get your heart pumping if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Fortunately for Georgians, we have world-record-breaking ziplines, such as the world’s largest zipline in North Georgia. If you travel a little farther south, Columbus, Georgia is home to the world’s only dual-state zipline, which connects Georgia and Alabama.

Visit one of the last diner/pharmacy combos

Years ago there were pharmacies where you went, ate a meal, bought gitts and had your prescription filled. This type of nostalgic pharmacy is alive and well at Dinglewood’s pharmacy in Columbus, which has been open since 1918.

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