What to Do If You Feel You Are the Victim of Police Misconduct While Traveling

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Although you may feel as though you have been the victim of police misconduct, this is often extremely difficult to prove. There have been many cases on record where ordinary citizens on vacation or simply out on the road were stopped by police for no clear reason. If you were traveling and victimized by local, county or state police, it’s time to look at how you can be compensated for any injuries or losses you incurred as a result of their misconduct. Let’s look at what you can do.

What Constitutes Police Misconduct?

This is probably the main reason why so many people just put up with being victimized. They aren’t entirely sure what constitutes police misconduct so perhaps it would be wise to look at a few of the reasons you could very well have a case against them and bring a lawsuit against both the officer/s and the agency for which they work. If you find that you have been victimized by any of the most common ways in which the police have been guilty of misconduct, consult an attorney as soon as possible. With unwarranted search and seizure being among the most common, you have the right to seek unreasonable search and seizure representation by Romanucci and Blandin, one of the nation’s most prestigious legal teams. However, that is not the only police misconduct they will represent you for. Other of the leading reasons include:

  • Intimidation
  • Coerced false confession
  • False imprisonment
  • False arrest
  • Spoliation of evidence
  • Falsification of evidence
  • Perjury by police
  • Tampering with witnesses
  • Police corruption
  • Racial profiling

These are not the only things for which you can bring a lawsuit against the police, but they are among the most common reasons. Since it is often difficult to prove you were, indeed, victimized, consult with an attorney at your earliest convenience.

Reasons for Police Misconduct When Traveling

There has long been a joke circulating that you got a traffic violation because it was near the end of the month and the officer writing the citation was short of his/her quota. Actually, perhaps funding comes from the number of tickets written and that may be why you are being ‘tagged’ while on the road. Sometimes it’s a matter of racial profiling and other times it may be profiling in general! Maybe the officer thought you looked like someone who smokes marijuana in a state where it is illegal, so they stopped you for an unreasonable search of your car. There you have two very good reasons to lodge a complaint and file a lawsuit, especially if you were convicted and jailed while innocent.

You Have Rights!

For altogether too long, many people just let police misconduct against them slide but the truth is, you have rights. You have the right to expect them to act within the confines of the law and not treat you like a criminal often based on profiling. You have the right to protect your property from unreasonable search and seizure, especially if it was precipitated by being profiled. If you believe records have been tampered with or that police are falsifying information, it’s time to contact a legal team that really does have your rights and best interests at heart.

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