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Microsoft MS-900 is a certification exam that Microsoft introduced in early 2019, and its other name is Microsoft 365 Fundamentals. It is the only test required to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals credential. Besides, this exam is also an optional test in all other existing Microsoft 365 paths.

The MS-900 exam can be taken as a prerequisite to Cloud technologies and computing tests, such as Microsoft Intune, Office 365, Windows 10, and AIP. The exam is targeted at those individuals who are looking to validate foundational knowledge of the benefits and considerations of adopting Cloud services both in general and in the Software as a ServiceCloud model in particular. It also evaluates knowledge of the available options and benefits that come with the implementation of Microsoft 365 Cloud service offerings.

But what else do we know about this certification exam? Let’s jump into the details ofMicrosoft MS-900.

What skills will be measured?

Microsoft covers almost everything that involves Microsoft 365. Before attempting this exam, you are advised to be aware of the four skills areas that it covers because you can encounter all of these topics. These four objectivesare as follows:

  1. Understand support and pricing

This is among the skills areas that you will be tested on. The questions under this exam objectivemeasure the candidate’s ability to plan, compare, and predict pricing, understand licensing options that are available in Microsoft 365, describe support offerings for the services, and understand the service complete life cycle. If you have a good grasp of support and pricing and you are able to answer all the questions related to the same, then you have already secured about 25-30% of the total marks.

  1. Understand Cloud concepts

Understanding Cloud concepts is another subject tested in the exam, and it makes up to about 20% of the content included in this test. Under this topic, the questions will mainly evaluate your understanding of the considerations and benefits of using Cloud services, and your understanding of various types of available Cloud services such as GPU Dedicated ServerAzure Windows 10 Virtual Desktop etc.

  1. Understand trust, compliance, privacy, as well as security

This is the third area that forms the content that is included in the Microsoft MS-900 exam, and it comprises of about 25-30% of the certification test. Under this topic, the students are tested on their understanding of various concepts, including compliance and security concepts with Microsoft 365, identity protection and management, scenarios and security usage services, benefits of a unified platform for device management, Service Trust Portal, and Compliance Manager.

  1. Understand core services concepts

Under this topic, you need to have knowledge of core Microsoft 365 components, concepts of modern management, Office 365 ProPlus, mobility, and collaboration. The questions also measure whether the applicants can describe the analytics capabilities in Microsoft 365 or not. Here, you will have 30-35% of the whole exam.

Where can you get valid study materials?

After going through the four topic areas we have listed above,we bet you have noticed that you should have a thorough understanding of core concepts. Microsoft has plenty of learning resources and several training courses to help the candidates have a good grasp of all the skills tested in the Microsoft MS-900 exam. The only thing you need to do is enroll with Microsoft so that you can be able to access itsstudy materials. There is also a huge, active community that you can join after enrolling with the vendor.The Exam-Labs website also has complete information and short notes about each of these topics. What’s more, there are also practice questions on each of them. You can take these practice tests after completing each exam objective to see if you have mastered the material.

The important thing after obtaining all the materials is to use them properly. There is no need to cram with all of them at once. Especially, not on the last day before the test. You should create a plan and schedule your studying wisely. Divide all the time you have into rational portions and separate different types of resources so that you learn each of them on various days. Find your learning style and follow it.

How can you take Microsoft MS-900 exam?

So, you decided to put all your efforts and time into this certification exam. And what is next?How do you take it? Well, after meeting all the requirements and if you are confident that you are fully ready to face the test, you should go ahead and take it. Microsoft MS-900, just like any other exams offered by Microsoft, can be taken online as a proctored test or at an authorized test location. The exam can be scheduled through Pearson VUE. To register for it, the learners in the United States will be required to pay $165 as the exam fee. For the individuals from other countries, this fee may vary just slightly. The difference in exam fee is typically brought about by the taxation policies in every country. The Microsoft MS-900test is available in Japanese and English.

Final thoughts

Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals is a very powerful credential to add to your resume. It is something that will impress your potential and current employers and give you an advantage over your colleagues who are also eyeing the same position as you. Bearing this in mind, you should strive to clear the Microsoft MS-900 exam as soon as possible so that you can reap the benefits that come with it and the certification associated with it. To ensure that you are passing this test at your first attempt, you should train thoroughly using verified study materials such as the ones available on the Exam-Labs platform and the official Microsoft website. With great prep tools at your disposal, you will definitely pass your exam with relative ease. We wish you the best of luck!

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