Does the Back of Your Foot Hurt?

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If you notice foot pain upon awakening, you need to have it checked out. The pain will not subside on its own. This type of pain can also cause you a good deal of discomfort if you are trying to work or take on daily living tasks.

What Is Inflammation of the Plant Fascia?

Plantar fasciitis causes this type of inflammatory pain – a pain that can stab the back of your foot and give you reason for relaxing the foot. This type of pain is often experienced by runners, as it originates from the plantar fascia – or the tissue that links the heel and toes. However, if you use the right treatment approach, you can enjoy walking or running once again.

Recovering from the Injury

By using the proper treatment, you can speed up recovery and rule out any other injuries. When you are diagnosed for this type of pain, the doctor examines the foot to determine the source. This exam is done along with a medical history to determine your lifestyle.

The doctor may suggest various treatment options to get rid of the pain and inflammation. He or she might suggest that you try out various therapies simultaneously. For example, some patients may take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for several weeks to ease the inflammation and pain. Multiple doses may be prescribed for a couple weeks.

Using Steroids

Some patients opt for steroid injections for severe pain, or, if the pain does not respond to milder medications. A steroid is injected into the part of the plantar fascia that is the most painful. This type of treatment may ease the pain for about four weeks. It should reduce inflammation for a longer time period.

Physical Therapy

If you do not opt for an injection, you can also try physical therapy. This type of treatment, which is provided by a physical therapist, will help you learn the correct way to run or walk and will help you align your body so that pain does not become as big a problem.

Shock Treatments

Some patients receive shock wave therapy. As the name suggests, a shock is administered to this part of the foot, and it is done with sound waves. By using this technique, doctors can increase the blood flow, which supports tissue healing.

In fact, any therapy that helps with the blood flow will support healing and help the foot to mend. If you don’t gain any relief from any of the aforementioned techniques, you may have to opt for surgery. This type of operation removes the plantar fascia from the bone of the heel. This type of procedure is considered a last resort, and it is only recommended for people who are in severe pain. Your doctor will ask that you wear a boot or splint and that you keep from placing weight on the foot. Don’t opt for surgery if it is not needed. Make sure that you try the other treatments first.

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