Effect of The Brain’s Immune System on Your Mood and Body

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With all the focus on the coronavirus pandemic, immunity has become a fixture on the internet and conversation. Yes, the immune system is very important in fighting off infections, and it protects us from disease caused by bacteria, viruses, and toxins, and helps remove foreign bodies from our system. In addition, the immune system is responsible for down-regulating immune responses against the bodies’ own tissue. More surprising still, it shapes our thinking.

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Microglial Cells Are Involved in Keeping Neurons Alive

The immune system has to reach our brain in order to alter our thoughts. Most people are only aware of the brain cells called neurons. But as it turns out, the brain has its own resident immune cells called Microglia. These cells were discovered around a century ago, but it wasn’t until recently that we understood their immense importance.

Microglia are involved in multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, HIV dementia, retinal degenerative diseases and many other conditions. There’s an easy connection – these brain problems are characterized by neuronal damage and death. Microglial cells are involved in tissue development, immune regulation, homeostasis and wound repair, as well as keeping the neurons alive.

Taking this into account, the link between microglia and our thoughts become clearer. Our thoughts are just a reflection of the brain’s wiring, which is made of neurons. Microglia has a great influence on neurons, so having healthy microglia is essential to healthy cognition. But it’s important to note that these cells are very temperamental.

Microglial Cells Undergo a Dramatic Shift When Needed

Microglial cells are in an inactive state until they are needed. Once they receive the right signal, they undergo a rapid and dramatic shift. This includes changing shape, moving to where they’re needed, and producing a specific set of chemicals. During this process, the initial molecular signal determines the final personality of the cells.

Once the microglia cells are exposed to a certain set of molecules, they become specialized. One of the specialized forms is the M2 microglial cells, which help in the growth of new neurons and heals brain damage. If they’re presented with another set of signals, they can transform into another specialized form called M1 microglial cells. These cells help in removing pathogens like bacteria from the brain.


As explained above, our cognitive ability is a reflection of the wiring of our brains. This is mainly influenced by our immune system, especially the cells called microglia. Microglial cells are differentially activated as per the signal they receive. This explanation is certainly incomplete, and there remains much to learn about the factors influencing our cognition and mood.


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