How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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Did you know that half of America’s dogs are overweight? Unfortunately, extra weight can reduce your pet’s quality of life, as it can often lead to serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis and hypertension.

Extend your dog’s life and improve his or her happiness by ensuring your canine companion enjoys a healthier lifestyle. Read our informative tips on how to help your dog lose weight. 

Reduce Your Pet’s Calorie Intake

We recommend discussing your dog’s diet with a qualified veterinarian, who can provide guidance on your dog’s daily calorie intake. It is likely your dog will need less food than you may think. Many pet owners tend to provide a pet with big portion sizes, so should use a measuring cup to provide the correct serving. It may also be beneficial to switch to a more nutritional dog food over processed ingredients, which will improve both their health and energy levels.

Healthy Treats

Don’t reward your pet with treats filled to the brim with artificial colors or flavors. Instead, opt for healthier treats that will not play havoc with their health. Consider Betsy Farms who provides dog treats made in the USA from real poultry, such as chicken and duck.

Reward Your Pet with Fun

Don’t throw bits of food from your plate to your pet, which could be damaging to your dog’s health. Either opt for a healthy treat that complements his or her diet or reward your pet with fun. If you want to make your pet happy, take your dog for a walk, play a game of fetch or give him or her a belly rub. You can show your pet how much you care with a new toy, or by simply setting some time aside each day to play with your dog. Remember, food is not love.

Regular Exercise

Keep your dog’s body and mind active by introducing more exercise into his or her daily routine. It will help your overweight pet shed some pounds to create a healthier, happier body. Burn calories by picking up the pace on your daily walk, or spend a little more time playing fetch in the park.

However, don’t do too much too soon. Physical activity levels should be increased slowly for overweight pets. Start by extending a morning walk or trying a new game that forces him or her to move a little bit faster. Don’t forget to carry some water for your pet to avoid dehydration.

Swim Therapy

Overweight, aging dogs can often experience a range of joint problems that can affect their physical activity. Swim therapy is, therefore, a great form of physical activity, as it can take the pressure off their stiff joints to encourage movement. Visit a canine hydrotherapy center to help your dog lose weight and have a little fun in the water.

Have you helped your pet pooch shed the pounds? Tell us how you did it and share your helpful tips in the comment section below.

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  1. These are great tips. I will tell my sister about them for her dog.

  2. Darcy Koch says

    I feel sorry for dogs who are overweight and have trouble breathing or walking. They look uncomfortable. I never slide on walking our dog daily to help keep him in shape.

  3. My dog really needs to be more fit

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