How to Budget for Summer Fashion Essentials

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Everyone wants to keep up with the newest summer fashion trends. However, it’s pretty hard for the average citizen to afford the latest styles. Learning to buy summer essentials on a budget is crucial to stay stylish without costing the earth. This article will help you know how to budget for summer necessities.

The essential thing about budgeting for your summer closet is that it enables you to save money that you would perhaps use on overpriced and extravagant outfits. While you might have a fat bank balance, budgeting for your clothes is fun and doesn’t decrease your style.

How Much Should You Spend?

According to most financial experts, you should use approximately 5% of your budget. For instance, if you get a monthly salary of $4000 after taxes, your monthly clothes expenditure should not exceed $200. On the other hand, if you are among the people who like to shop two to three times a year, especially during Black Friday or offseason deals, you shouldn’t spend more than $2400 a year.

How to Set a Summer Shopping Budget

A common and unpopular opinion is that fall is annoying. The truth is that most people are summer enthusiasts, and they cannot resist the warm and hot conditions. All the excitement about summer comes down to shopping for new sweaters, jackets, shoes, and other items. Below are some suggestions on how to create a budget for your summer shopping.

Track Your Spending Before Setting a Hard Budget

Before considering how much you wish to spend in summer, you need to know your current expenditure. Get a diary or download an app to help you track your spending for a week or even a month. Which items consume a chunk of your money, and are you satisfied? What’s left after paying monthly bills? How much are you willing to save?

Set Aside the Money You Want to Dedicate to Shopping

Are you content with spending $500 a month on outfits? While this may be a lot to some people, it might be meager if you enjoy shopping. Assess the amount you have and determine whether you want to spend it on a single item or several outfits.

Consider Footwear

Dedicate a chunk of your budget to footwear. After all, you’ll need a pair for every outfit. What’s more, your shoes will be worn more often than the outfits they match. A good pair of womens sandals are worth the extra money, and the same can be said for other types of summertime footwear. While cheap knockoffs save money, they’re unlikely to provide the comfort and support you’ll need throughout the summer. With this in mind, consider investing in a few high-quality pairs and spending the rest on bargain barrel “throwaways.”

Audit Your Wardrobe

Perform a comprehensive closet audit at least once per year. Please put all your clothes and shoes on the floor and sort them thoroughly every summer. How many outfits did you buy last summer and no longer wear? How many pairs of shoes do you have, and are there concrete reasons to buy others?

Evaluating what you have is perhaps the best summer budgeting advice. You have probably bought a new item only to find a similar one heaved in the back of your wardrobe. Thus, empty your closet, examine it, and organize it into piles to get a glimpse of what you own.

List the Items You Need Most

Do you have mismatching socks? Are your pants tattered? Are your tops fashionable? If you honestly need new stuff, it would be wise to list the items and categorize them by a matter of priority. Afterward, consider how much you are willing to spend in every category based on your original budget.

If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding (or are a guest) with a rustic vibe, sparklers for wedding processions, romantic table settings, delicious cocktails, comfort foods, and wedding bubbles, you’ll probably want to incorporate your wedding dress into your budget as well.

Now, Consider the Things You Want

Thinking about the items you want is dreadful. For example, if you are asked what you want right now, you might say these jeans, this dress, these sneakers, and other unnecessary items. Making a mood board is a vital part of budgeting to avoid popping into a store and buying many things that don’t suit the current summer.

Always consider the amount spent on shoes and clothes. Before buying anything, ask yourself: “Will this item perfectly match at least three outfits in my wardrobe?” This way, you will be much more conservative in buying things besides changing your thinking.

You Can Be Stylish on a Budget

By following this guideline, you can be trendy and have an incredible closet on a budget. Learning how to be a savvy shopper helps you save thousands of dollars that you would perhaps use on unnecessary items. Choose patterned outfits wisely and stick to neutral colors at all times.


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