How To Train Your Older Dog To Be Social

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Although puppyhood is the best time for socialization, some dogs miss out on this for various reasons, such as isolation or neglect. And this can have adverse consequences. For instance, unsocialized pets find it challenging to bond with humans and other dogs. They can also be sensitive to sounds, scared of adventures, and difficult to control. Fortunately, all hope is not lost, as you can still train an older dog to be social. Here are some helpful strategies to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Go for frequent walks

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Admittedly, walking offers immense health benefits for your furry friend. For starters, it keeps them in good shape by maintaining their weight and boosting their cardiovascular health. It also increases their lifespan, so keep this in mind. However, walking also has social benefits worth considering. Your dog can quickly get used to its surroundings, reducing stress and anxiety. It’s also likelier to meet and interact with other dogs, so keep this in mind. Walking with your dog can also increase your bond and make it more open to bond with other people.

Seeing these benefits, you want to prioritize walking your pet if you haven’t already. As a tip, use a front-clip harness to ensure that your dog is comfortable as you lead it. Martingale collars are great if it’s easily spelled, so feel free to consider this. Experts also advise training them on acceptable behavior during this period, using treats as incentives. Sticking to a routine is also acceptable.

  • Visit dog parks

Dog parks are also great places to integrate your pet into society, so feel free to leverage them. You can observe how your dog reacts to other dogs and pick up certain behaviors you haven’t noticed before. Moreover, it may appreciate being off the leash and exploring its surroundings. Several dog parks have amenities to make owners comfortable, so you can rest assured that you will have a good time. Before going to this area, ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are updated, and its microchips are functional.

Also, research your local park to determine what types of dogs frequent the place. For instance, a park for bigger dogs may not be ideal if you have a smaller breed. Your pet’s temperament can also help you choose the right park; a fenced-in option is best if your furry friend likes running.

  • Enroll your pet in a dog daycare

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Sometimes, you need professional help to socialize an older dog, especially if you don’t have enough time. And that’s where dog daycare comes in. these facilities are specially built to accommodate different dogs on a short-term basis, and your furry friend can learn to interact with them. Some facilities also offer socialization training, so keep this in mind. Touring your chosen dog daycare is important until you’re satisfied with it. Expats advise looking out for proper fencing and ventilation. Consequently, ascertain the staff-to-dog ratio and how dogs are grouped to ensure your pet’s safety. 


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