Hunting In Every Corner Of The Globe

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Hunting is all about you, your rifle, and nature. If you are a hunting enthusiast itching to leave the glimmering lights of the city for a while, going on a hunting trip might just cure your need for that familiar adrenaline rush. While hunting as a sport is pretty straightforward, being in the wilderness isn’t. Prey differ from place to place and the surroundings can be as lush as the thick forests of Mozambique or almost barren as Tanzania’s game reserves. Every hunt is a unique experience, but one thing always remains the same: your rifle must be in tiptop shape and it must have the right scope to make your hunting trip yet another adventure that you will never forget.

Choosing Your Destination

Your dream hunting destination can be found right in your own backyard. If you live in Europe, for example, you can opt to go to Eastern European countries where hunting destinations are easy to navigate. Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, England, and Norway are also perfect destinations for hunters. If you live in Africa, you can go to Namibia or other premiere hunting places in the region. For hunters on a budget, choosing the nearest hunting destination is a good idea.

Wherever your feet take you, be sure that you bring a rifle scope that meets the requirements of the hunting environment you have chosen. If you are going to one of Tanzania’s game reserves, you would need a rifle scope that allows for long-range shooting. Different environments require different rifle scopes and it is best that you are ready with the right one before you board your flight.

Top Places to Hunt

If you want to hunt in a place that promotes sustained hunting, Mozambique is a good choice. Its thick forests and swamplands are ideal for an exhilarating hunting trip. Hunting areas occupy a huge part of the Southeast African country’s territory making it possible for hunters to explore kilometres of wide open spaces to hunt for prey. It is also notable that one of the most sought after trophies in Africa inhabit most of Mozambique.

South Africa is another popular hunting destination. A great choice for hunters who want to hunt big game, the African nation is home to an unrivaled diversity of species. In fact, the country has over 45 major game species making it a top choice for hunters worldwide. Other premiere destinations include Namibia, Montenegro, Belarus, Cambodia, Canada, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Picking the Right Outfitter

Choosing an outfitter can either result to an enjoyable hunt or a complete disaster but even if this sounds almost like a gamble, there are ways for you to ensure that you are booking the right one. Experts in the industry note that hunters should make sure that the outfit is registered and that it is qualified to guide a hunting expedition. It is not a bad idea to take a look at licences and permits.

If you are dealing with an unknown outfit or one that you’ve never booked with before, doing an online search is a good idea. This will help you find out how long they’ve been in business and whether they have legitimate references or not. References from previous clients can be looked into by contacting said clients, according to experts. This will not only verify the outfitter’s claims but will also give you peace of mind.

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  • These all look like great options for hunting, thanks for sharing!

  • We’re a hunting family. We don’t do it for sport. We don’t even have a deer head on our wall. We don’t just kill bucks. But we kill for food. Every fall we get some deers to feed our family alot cheaper and healthier than buying it from the store.

  • I am not a fan of shooting some animals but there are times they should hunt. We have hunting times for deer and most people in this area that hunt eat the meat.

  • I have friends who travel to Argentia specifically to hunt. I’ve never known anyone who went to Africa. That would be really interesting.

  • This is some great information. Both of my sons love hunting. I will be sharing this article with them. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I’m not a hunter but I have friends who are. I know they’ll like this post!

  • Very interesting. I did not know this. Thanks so much for this..

  • Many here hunt for additional meat in the freezer. Hubby does not hunt, but many friends do from bow hunting to rifle. The venison is fantastic to supplement the die and is quite good for you.

  • So cool !! Id love to do this with the right stuff,im in a chsir but id def try ir

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