Importance of Internet in Rural Areas

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Internet access and speed are breaking all the boundaries created by time and distance both, which allows the residents to actively participate in economic and communal life far ahead than their geographical area. Broadband technology made the communications easy by eliminating the logistical complications, demographics based business model and enabling the businesses operating in remote areas to compete against the competitors in metropolitans. Eventually, the various benefits associated with socio-economic facilitated by the accessibility of the internet in rural localities have in fact profited the entire country. One of the best internet connections on the market Cox internet plans, covering more than 3.5 million internet users in the US is an amazing telecom provider to have near your vicinity. You can always research more, in this article, however, we shall be discussing all the possible reasons why high-speed internet connection is essential for rural areas.

Existing Challenges

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has stated that residents of rural areas are not very much inclined towards signing up for broadband connection as compared to the urban residents. A research conducted by Connected Nation found that 19% of the people living in rural areas cannot subscribe to any broadband connection due to its unavailability in their region. It comes with no surprise which is also a challenge that most people are not aware of all the advantages that come with high-speed satellite internet. Almost half of the rural population without possessing any home broadband connection state they do not really need it. The cost could also be a factor for providers and residents both.

Advantages of internet availability in rural areas:

  • Once the reasonably priced broadband connections are in access, the businesses that are restricted to rural areas can eventually expand their businesses and market reach outside with the help of digitization.
  • High-speed internet brings easy access to health and education as well. Those who travel to take courses online can learn and acquire education online. Medically, as well, people can search for specialists, doctors, and hospitals with better facilities, pharmacies, medicines, take appointments and place online orders near their vicinity.
  • Libraries in rural areas are lately supported by broadband internet and frequently undergo a renaissance of public interest and involvement. The availability of high-speed internet in rural areas allows their residents to get information from international platforms and access cultural resources.
  • Reasonably priced and steady internet connection ultimately endorse urban businesses like web development, graphic design, skill-based freelance opportunities. In addition, various creative businesses can come out of their rural boundaries for expanding their business or just marketing. It will encourage competition which leads to a better quality of products or services being offered and at a reasonable price.
  • A new dimension for farmers as well, who can get crucial information like weather forecasts, crop and medicines prices, business and marketing opportunities via a broadband network.

Recommendations for progress

  • Infrastructure always has room for improvement. Focus on expanding the speed of the internet and extending the networks throughout the areas that are still underserved.
  • Public awareness regarding the significance of internet usage and how to make the maximum out of high-speed internet for these communities particularly.
  • Prices for the packages being offered to rural areas specifically should be affordable so people who think they can go without it too – at least get familiar with it and eventually take benefits.

The bottom-line is rural areas should not be deprived of all the benefits that come with a high-speed internet connection. Those who already possess a broadband internet connection should be given an option to upgrade without paying heaps amount of money nor for getting a basic internet connection. More and more improvised plans should be introduced de

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One thought on “Importance of Internet in Rural Areas

  • I totally agree with this. I currently live is a small rural town and currently the only internet service available is through one company (Centurylink) and the fastest speed is 4 mbps. The bad thing is my home is only about 2 miles from the city limit but companies will not run connections down our road for higher speeds because we are in a rural area. At this low speed we can’t do a lot of things that people with high speeds can like stream Netflix, play online games or have smart devices like cameras. It is pretty sad to not be able to use the same things that our neighbors 3 miles up the road can. I wish there was something we could do to improve this since society is becoming more and more dependent on internet.

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