Light Up Any Interior Design Space with the Arco Lamp

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It’s never easy finding just the right and attractive furniture piece that you feel is worth investing your hard earned money in. Yet the Arco Lamp is one such extraordinary piece that marries form and function in a wonderful ceremony of visual delight. Designed in 1962 by Achille and his brother Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, it is at its core a floor lamp that is also operating as an overhead light without even needing any wiring.

Until now it remains high in demand and is selling ever stronger than before. This household essential is quite a bold piece, thereby it requires some thought and consideration when it comes to installing it appropriately. Glance through these 5 ideas that we’ve listed below to help make your life a little more beautiful:

  1. Boho Chic:


Reinventing and reimagining the boundaries of mundane living, the Arco Lamp defies conventional designs and is, therefore, a gorgeous asset in an upscale, and highly contemporary setup as pictured above. Meticulously crafted by hand, the polished aluminum base and prominent marble base have a strong presence creating a sense of symmetry in the room.

The strategically positioned arch of the light casts a gentle halo over the organic, free-form sofa to create a fantastic architectural focal point. Predominantly the mood in the room features a subdued and stylish aura with no embellishments, pulling it all of very smoothly.

  1. The dream living room:


The gloriously sweeping arch boasted by the Arco Lamp neck makes it a highly practical and still a very much versatile tool. It manages to accomplish so much with a utilitarian economy of form and quality of materials. Captured beautifully in the image above is a tasteful combination of textures and mixed-era elements.

There’s a sense of everlasting beauty in a setup like this as the complementary fresh floral bouquet centerpiece, intriguing artwork of live pictorials and baroque cushions enhance the visual appeal around the glistening silhouette of the frame. You will notice how obvious the presence of the lamp is despite being placed in a hazy grey color palette and in a corner, due to its striking build. A white backdrop and one or two reflective surfaces only further enhance its presence.

  1. The bohemian fantasy:


Sometimes you don’t want to follow mainstream interior design ideas, and why should you have to when you have the aesthetically stimulating Arco Lamp in your arsenal. Large, spacious and relatively less furnished rooms are the perfect stages to showcase the magnificent structure of this shiny masterpiece. Useful and sublimely refined in nature, this purely artistic gadget possesses space-saving capabilities and is best presented in the company of similarly modern decor pieces as seen in the image above.

Although the seats and couches follow the sleek aura of the light fixture, the inclusion of a vibrant, patterned rug and perhaps a sprinkle of life in the form of plants and tiny floral pieces break through the cold and slightly futuristic mood.

  1. Never go wrong with the classic white theme:


Focusing more on the sculptural rather than the functional aspect, one can categorize the Arco Lamp as possessing an almost poetically refined utility. One would think that the silver colored body of this Lamp would be too modern to translate into elegant notes, but that would be a grand misconception. Infuse an ivory retreat with the whimsical profile of this lamp fixture and you’re guaranteed to get a decor filled with infinite pools of light and genteel vibes.

The white, neutral-tones color scheme and matching lamp exude tranquility of soft neutrals and an almost angelic appearance. A wonderful interior design strategy is to liven up monochromatic themes by creating visual contrast with natural greens, or throwing in a mix of textures in the form of faux fur blankets. The cascade of natural light pooling in from the European style windows only highlights the divine figure of the lamp in this charming dining space.

  1. A therapeutic refuge:


By creating glare-free pools of light to counteract unappealing shadows, the Arco Lamp is an important element in the room’s overall ambiance. Here you will observe how the edgy contours of the lamp offer a wonderfully balanced look and a professional edge whilst occupying the role of an accent decor piece.

Most of the time lighting plans come as afterthoughts that aren’t really going to provide aesthetic value, but the Arco Lamp is an exception to this philosophy as it is an everlasting beauty that you simply cannot ignore. There’s a virtually endless pool of lighting ideas for every preference, so explore these and other options and continue to expand your design horizons.

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  1. I love this modern concept, so pretty, and these pictures show how to make it really work with the right decor!


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