Make Traveling Easier With the Diono Travel Pal Car Seat Organizer

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Traveling is definitely one of the highlights of life, especially as a family. We have made so many memories together traveling to Chicago, Florida, and more. One of the difficulties of traveling is certainly organization. With a 5-year-old in the back seat, things can get messy. Toys and crayons all over… and don’t even get me started on spilled drinks. I’m thankful to now have the Diono Travel Pal car seat organizer to help keep things tidy in the back seat.

Make Traveling Easier With the Diono Travel Pal Car Seat OrganizerThe Travel Pal car seat organizer is a back seat cargo bin that helps to keep toys, books, drinks and more organized while you are on the road. It features a big area for larger toys, plus there are several pockets inside of it for smaller items. The front features two drink holders that are insulated to keep them secure so there is less chance of them being spilled. Oh, and the fabric is waterproof so if something gets spilled inside of it, it won’t hurt the seat below.

Make Traveling Easier With the Diono Travel Pal Car Seat OrganizerI love that I do not have to worry about this car seat organizer getting knocked around if I have to go around a sharp turn or stop on a dime – there is a seat belt loop to securely position it to the seat.

Make Traveling Easier With the Diono Travel Pal Car Seat OrganizerThe Diono Travel Pal car seat organizer has been a win-win for both myself and my daughter. I don’t have to worry about crayons, toys, or stuffed animals being strewn all over the floor or seat, or even worry about drinks being spilled. And Riley has all of her toys and books right at her fingertips. I highly recommend this great car organizer for anyone that needs some organization in their car.Make Traveling Easier With the Diono Travel Pal Car Seat Organizer

Could you see this car seat organizer helping you and your family?

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56 thoughts on “Make Traveling Easier With the Diono Travel Pal Car Seat Organizer

  • Would love this for my vehicle for our family vacation. I like that it is small and fits well.

  • Omg yes would love to have this like 2 of these!!!

  • This is fantastic! Exactly what I need for my grandson. Thank you for the info!

  • We sure need this for trips back home. We took my 3 and a half year old great grand daughter with us this last time. Took her coloring books, crayons and books. This would have come in handy.

  • This would be great when we have the grandkids when we travel with them. Especially the no spill cup holder!

  • I really need this for my Granddaughter. When we go out it is like she is never coming home again. She has a DVD player in the back and DVD’s are all over as well as coloring books and drink cups. This is would be so helpful and help her be more organized.

  • taht would be nice for me and i have the dog stuff and i could use it in back seat

  • it helps everyone to be organized, thanks for sharing the wonderful item and the idea…

  • It helps everyone to be organized in a car… thanks for sharing the idea…

  • I so want one of these! We would use it ALL the time, not just for longer trips. It would help keep my 4 and 6 year olds entertained while not creating a mess.

  • This would help so some when I have my granddaughter in the car.

  • Looks very handy

  • That looks s too easy for a car to get messy.

  • My daughter’s car is a disaster area lol this would certainly help! Five kids stuff all over the car 🙂

  • I sure like the insulated drink holders to keep cups more secure. Hate when things get spilled in my car.

  • This is a good idea. When the kids were young, the car was always a mess.

  • This is a great idea, especially on long car rides.

  • Yes, it looks very useful.

  • This is great for grandchildren and adults! Traveling long distances or even short trips can be a challenge. So a snack or a coloring book might just see you through until someone takes a nap! You have to keep your vehicle clean and mind sane so this would be a great tool. No one needs to be discombobulated!! Lol

  • I would love to have one in my car. It would really help organize things and keep them together better.

  • Very nice way to keep things organized.

  • This is amazing, I wish this was available when my kids were younger.

  • The Diono Travel Pal car seat organizer can help keep anyone organized. I don’t have little ones anymore my granddaughters are grown up, but I have notebooks, blender bottles and water bottles this would help keep everything in one place.

  • What a great way to get more organized! Love this idea. I need one now!

  • This would be a very useful and wonderful item for my son, his car and the children’s belongs. I wish that they had something like this when he was young.

  • I had something like this when my kids were little. It hung over the head rest of the passenger seat.
    I don’t think it held as much things as this other car organizer. I like a clean car and I don’t like litter!

  • This would be very useful for sure.

  • What a nice way to stay organized.

  • This would help. I need this in my life!

    • I should buy myself one of theses

  • This would be great to have in the car all the time.

  • My son is in his 30s so I really have no need for something like this. At least not yet he is not married and no kids that I know of

  • That would be really handy to have. Sometimes our vehicle is a mess!

  • My kids are teenagers and I think they are messier now than when they were small. I would love to have one for my car to keep everything neat!

  • Such a great idea. I need something like this as my car is always filled with clutter! Definitely a handy item.

  • This would help keep my car less messy!!

  • This will come in handy for those long car trips

  • I really like that it straps into the seat! Perfect organization tool!

  • My kids would love this, they’d be happy to not have to use he pockets behind our seats lol

  • This looks perfect for me!

  • This car seat organizer looks like the perfect solution to keeping my 2 granddaughters’ activities books and crayons from falling on the floor while we are on trips. I love that it holds drinks too.

  • No kids but it looks good for ones that do have any. Mine is grown.

  • Love this.what a great idea for trips

    • This would be nice to have

  • With kids the car is always a big mess,this would be super handy to keep things clean

  • This is a really neat organizer! I hate it when stuff gets strewn all over my car too…I try to keep up with the cleaning but its very difficult on a road trip!

  • how nice to keep everything tidy

  • Great product.

  • This would be a great organizer for my grandsons to have in the backseat. They could put their water cups and small toys in it.

  • This car seat organizer would be a big help for time spent in the car. I really like that it can be strapped in so things don’t get scattered all over.

  • This is absolutely genius. I have a three-year-old little boy, & our backseat always seems to be a mess. If I had something like this it would definitely be a big help!

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