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You know when I reach for the bar of soap in the shower and it has that gooey scum on the bottom of the bar, it grosses me out. I have always wanted to know how I could make that go away. Now with this stand from SoapStandle, you can make all that nasty stuff go away!

SoapStandle will affix to your bar of soap to elevate it out of the water that is left over so it can properly air dry.


SoapStandle is a clever, small, and inconspicuous standle that sinks its “teeth” right into any size or type of bar soap. This appliance elevates the soap allowing air to circulate around the bar for it to properly dry, putting an end to soap goo and messy sinks.

Not only does its rigid grip prevent the goo, it also makes bar soap non-slip and extends the life of bar soap by 30 percent, saving you money every shopping trip. Made of only 3g of recyclable material, SoapStandle is reusable, eco-friendly, and just right to be your little green sidekick.

The SoapStandle is a deceptively simple yet revolutionary step in the 4,000 year history of soap. It attaches / stays with the bar – water drains- no goo! You’ll save money as your soap bar will last longer (and SoapStandle is reusable.)


The SoapStandle is a small simple device that affixes to a bar of soap via small points that go into one side of the bar, creating a platform on which the soap is elevated. Since air can circulate 360° around the soap when it’s not being used, it dries, thus inhibiting the ‘goo’ that normally accumulates when you set a bar down.

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